Membership Clubs

Studio Club | $300 level

With a Studio Club membership, you’ll receive a seat for you and a guest to all of KUVO's in-studio performances as well as tickets to events around town for a whole year! You won't want to miss these award-winning performances by both local and national as well as student and seasoned musicians! Click here to join the Studio Club!

30th Anniversary Club | $365 level

Looking for a way to support KUVO and recognize a loved one? For just a dollar a day, you will receive 10 on-air messages on the day of your choice! This is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or graduation. Click here to join the Day Sponsor Club!

CD of the Month Club | $600 level

You know you can count on KUVO for great music, so why not get KUVO approved tunes delivered directly to you! We’ll deliver the latest and greatest CD - carefully selected by our Music Director, Arturo Gómez - to your home every month! Click here to join the CD of the Month Club!

Music Producers Club$1,200 level

If you are a true music lover, this is the club for you! The Music Producers Club is two clubs - the CD of the Month and Studio clubs - wrapped up for you in one. That means a carefully selected CD delivered to your home every month, and reserved seats for you and a guest at every one of our live in-studio performances. In addition, receive tickets to events around town! Click here to join the Music Producers Club!

Jazz Patrons Club | $1,500 level
Music and wine go great together, right? Now, just imagine having both delivered right to your front door for an entire year! Every month, you will receive a hand-picked CD by Music Director Arturo Gomez and a bottle of wine carefully selected by Carolyn Joy of Joy Wine & Spirits! Your first delivery will include two KUVO wine glasses. Click here to join the Music & Wine Club!