Café Brazil Fire Roasted Sandia Chili | Wine & Food Pairing

Oct 23, 2014

Congratulations to Joy Wine and Spirits’ 2014 Chili Cook-Off winner, Café Brazil.  In honor of this win and the Hatch Green Chile season, Tony from Café Brazil shared a delicious recipe for brie stuffed sandia chiles. 

International Wine Cellar's Steven Tanzer paired the 2012 Burgans Albarino with this dish, describing the wine as, “Bright gold. Smoky peach and pear aromas are brightened by dusty minerals and lemon pith. Deep, expansive tangerine, nectarine and poached pear flavors are nicely lifted by white pepper and bitter quinine. Distinctly rich for the region but quite lively as well. Finishes with firm grip and lingering spiciness, leaving sweet citrus and pit fruit notes behind."

Albariño is a lesser known grape varietal from the northern region of Spain named Galicia. These grapes are  influenced by the cool maritime weather of the Atlantic, which helps to produce a crisp, bright wine. 

For the sandia chili featured below, Steven recommends a wine with lovely citrus flavors like the Burgans Albariño, a Moscatel or Pinot Gris. The Burgans Albariño 2012 is available at both Joy Wine & Spirits and  at Café Brazil.

Café Brazil’s Fire Roasted Sandia Chilioven-baked chiles with brie and Peruvian mango

Serves 4


*4 Medium to Mild Fresh Crisp New Mexico (Sandia) chiles

*1/2 pound French or Domestic Brie or semi soft melting cheese

*2 cloves of fresh thinly sliced garlic

*1 or two ripe sweet mangos

*2 ounces of olive oil 

*juice of 1 lemon

*1/2 ounce of cider vinegar

*1/2 ounce of raspberry balsamic vinegar

*salt to taste

*black pepper to taste

*crushed red pepper or chile pequin to taste



  1. Roast chiles on open flame until skin blackens, place in plastic bag to sweat
  2. Remove outer rind from cheese and cut into finger sized slices
  3. Peel, slice and cut mango the same way as the cheese
  4. Set all of the above aside


  1. Peel and slice garlic paper thin and whisk together with olive oil, cider vinegar, raspberry vinegar, lemon, salt, black pepper, and red pepper
  2. Remove chiles from bag, then peel off blackened skin by scraping gently with a knife
  3. Make a single incision in the chile to open it up and remove seeds and allow a pocket entry to stuff with mango and brie cheese
  4. Pour the marinade over the chiles and let sit for at least 1 to 2 hours


  1. After Chiles have marinated, place on baking tray and put into 350 degree heated oven
  2. Cook until cheese has melted, at least 10 minutes
  3. Remove from oven, plate and enjoy!