Denver’s jazz family reunites – The Fuller Sound!

Dec 22, 2017

Back of liner notes from The Fuller Sound "Eternal Journey" CD (2000)

Among Metro Denver’s pre-eminent jazz families is certainly the Fuller Family of Aurora, Colo.  The patriarch, bassist Fred Fuller and noted saxophonist, daughter Tia Fuller visited KUVO on the occasion of the family band getting back together for Papa Fuller’s 70th birthday.

“It’s might have been 15 years since we all played together,” Fred told KUVO's Arturo Gómez.  The family will assemble for two sets (6:00 and 8:30 p.m.) on Wed. Dec. 27, 2017 at Dazzle at Baur’s. No rehearsal is necessary, says the elder Fuller.  “They are all leaders in their own right.  I’m not even concerned about rehearsal.”

Fuller and wife Elthopia (a vocalist) raised a full band.  Here’s how KUVO jazz writer Norman Provizer describes them: “Tia Fuller is among the fastest rising stars in jazz, while another daughter, Shamie Fuller-Royston, is a fine pianist and superb composer who has several discs under her belt. And to top it off, Shamie is married to drummer Rudy Royston who was named as the rising-star drummer in the 2014 DownBeat 'Critics Poll.'

"By the way, in that same 2014 poll, Tia Fuller was named as the rising star soprano saxophonist, building on her double-barrel recognition as both the rising-star alto saxophonist and the rising-star flute player in DownBeat’s  2013 survey of critics."

Drummer Ashton Fuller is expected to play for the birthday celebration as well.

Listen to the audio below to hear how the Fullers raised such a talented crop of artists.  BONUS: Tia spills the beans on her forthcoming project, to be released in May of 2018.