Fox 31 Covers Paquito D'Rivera's Live Performance at KUVO

Feb 27, 2015

World-renowned saxophonist and 15-time Grammy Award winner Paquito D'Rivera visited KUVO to play a special live performance for Studio Club members with the Walter Gorra Sextet

D'Rivera is visiting Colorado to raise awareness for human rights in his home country, Cuba. He will be playing a special benefit concert for the "Ladies in White" - the wives, mothers and sisters of political prisoners and dissidents jailed for opposing Castro. 

"I think it’s very important to open the eyes of the people to the reality of that country,” D’Rivera told Fox 31 Denver. “It is a very cruel and violent system.” 

Unwilling to live in a system that crushed his freedom, D'Rivera fled Cuba in 1981 and believes it is his duty to keep telling the story of Cuba. 

D'Rivera is playing his Ladies in White Benefit Concert February 27 at the Mount Vernon Country Club in the wake of news reports that more than 150 anti-Castro activists were arrested Sunday. 

"It’s something very shameful and very painful, too,” D’Rivera told Fox 31 Denver of the arrests.

Purchase tickets to D'Rivera's benefit concert here. Read Fox 31 Denver's full story here

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