Gifts for Wine Lovers, featuring Domaine Patrice Colin’s Perles Grises

Dec 12, 2013

Gift giving and selecting the most appropriate gift can be a bit overwhelming.  Most of us are so fortunate – we buy things we want for ourselves, so when it comes time to show our appreciation for friends, associates and family, it might be a challenge to find not only something thoughtful, but useful.  Wine or beer, spirits these days can be the perfect gift.  It comes in a variety of prices and will be something people can use and share with others. Think of a bottle that has the most meaning to the recipient.  For example, maybe that person has just returned from a trip from Spain, or maybe they have an interest in Italian cooking, or they are a Colorado native, or a transplant from Oregon…great wine is made in all parts of the world, so there are endless associations with places. Another approach might be to make the connection between the name of the wine and the recipient.  I recently gave a bottle of  “Writer’s Block Grenache” to someone who needed inspiration for writing material for their job as a reporter.  As a joke I once gave a friend a wine named Otto’s Constant Dream – better known as OCD.  We also sell a fun wine named “White Elephant” – perfect for a white elephant gift exchange. The Gardener Chardonnay or Pinot is perfect for the gardener – especially since it is also organic.  But, there is a big word of caution with giving wine based on a label or name.  Millions of bottle of mediocre wine are sold and marketed solely on a name and label.  Patronizing a trusted wine merchant is very important in helping to choose a great gift and sift through the marketing gimmicks. Wine often marks an anniversary or birthday.   Joy Wine and Spirits is currently featuring several library selections – wines from our cellar.  These wines date back to 1966.  These older vintage wines are perfect gifts for the wine aficionado, because they are very limited and ready to drink now.  Some people may not know what type of wine their recipient likes, red, white or pink, but, one can never go wrong with bubbles.  Which brings us to today’s selection – Domaine Patrice Colin’s Perles Grises.   This delightful sparkling from the Loire Valley’s Coteaux Du Vendomois  is  100% biodynamic and the estate has been in the same family since the 1800s. The Perles Grises (gray pearls) is made in with the traditional method and unlike Champagne, has no dosage added at the end to manipulate the flavor. It is made entirely from the Pineau d’Aunis grape also known as Chenin Noir, which is almost exclusively grown in the central Loire region.   A very fragile grape (similar to Pinot Noir), Pineau d'Anis is a very high yielding grape, yet produces fine, characterful wines when handled properly in the vineyard and the winemaking process (low yields, biodynamic farming and natural vinification).  Naturally sparkling wines have been made in the region for about 500 years (since bottle technology has allowed in-bottle fermentation). Like many French sparkling rose wines, the Perles Grises is perfect on its own or with food. Its mid-bodied structure and balanced acidity allows for pairing with light white meats, seafood and shellfish as well as appetizers and desserts. Visit Joy Wine and Spirits for filling your shopping list.  Our elves will make sure all your gifts will stand out and help create fond memories of this holiday season.  1302 E. 6th Avenue. 303-744-6219.