Tito Puente Tribute on KUVO | April 19, 4-6 PM MT

Apr 16, 2015

Born on April 20, 1923 in New York City, Tito Puente - also known as “El Rey” and "The King"-  was a pioneering force in music. Renown for fusing styles, Puente added an irresistible big-band spin to traditional Afro-Caribbean music.

In 1948, Puente formed the Tito Puente Orchestra. He is quoted in The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music saying, "We play jazz with the Latin touch, that's all, you know."

By the end of his lengthy career, Puente was considered a legend in both Latin music and jazz.

Tune in to Salsa con Jazz - this Sunday, April 19 from 4 to 6 pm MT - as host Janine Santana shares a tribute to "El Rey."

The show will start with Puente's early recordings and then travel through his historic career, highlighting his work on timbales and vibes.

Don't miss this finger-snapping and danceable tribute, you're sure to learn a new thing or two about "The King" along the way!