Joy Wine and Spirits

photo courtesy of Mindi McNeil

For this month’s Joy Wine and Food Pairing the Executive Chef of Mister Tuna, Tristen Epps, brought his  Confit Duck Taco to complement the Vinha da Malhada Portuguese Red Wine paired by Carolyn Joy of Joy Wine and Spirits. Chef Tristen is a previous winner of the Food Network’s Chopped.

photo courtesy of Mindi McNeil

Carolyn Joy of Joy Wine and Spirits paired a smooth, sexy red wine with Fry Bread Tacos from Kachina Southwestern Grill for a delicious Valentine meal. 

Tuna Poke meets a Forty Ounce Red

Jan 22, 2018
Mindi McNeil

On this month’s Wine and Food Pairing, Carolyn Joy of Joy Wine and Spirits and Chef Khamla of Departure Denver sit down and discuss Red Wine and Tuna Poke.

Carolyn brought a Forty Ounce Red to the pairing and discussed what her inspiration was in picking out this particular Wine. While Chef Khamla discussed who inspired him with a few of the dishes that he creates at Departure Denver. 

photo courtesy of Carolyn Joy

It’s that time of year when you are heading out to a variety of Holiday parties. And whether you are going to a work, family, or friend’s party, you might at times get stumped as to what to bring. You wonder what people will like, what they are craving, or what can you bring that will make the best impression.

photo courtesy of Mindi McNeil

For this month's Wine and food Paring Chase Devitt of  Denver Brider paired his Rotisserie Roasted Leg Lamb and side (cucumber, mint, cilantro, harissa, tzatziki, lemon) along with Qu.ale, a red wine picked out by Carolyn Joy of Joy Wine & Spirits.