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Theater Review: Il trovatore

Aug 1, 2018
Photo: Amanda Tipton

In 1849, as Giuseppe Verdi's popularity began to soar, he read a translation—by his lover (who later became his second wife), the noted soprano, Giuseppina Strepponi—of the popular play El trovador (1836) by Antonio García Gutiérrez. The story is described as "a high flown, sprawling melodrama flamboyantly defiant of the Aristotelian unities, packed with all manner of fantastic and bizarre incident," by Verdi scholar Julian Budden.

Theater Review: The Magic Flute

Jul 30, 2018
Photo: Amanda Tipton

In his final opera, what we know of the mature Mozart's philosophical and spiritual beliefs—less than a year from his death at the age of 35—is often problematic for critics, who either do not understand their nature, or purposefully ignore them, since recognizing them would require more than they are willing to do with their own lives. 

Photo Courtesy of David Leander Williams

From the 1930’s to the early 1970’s America’s big cities streets teemed with Jazz. Central Avenue in Los Angeles, Beale Street. in Memphis, 52nd Street in New York, and Welton Street in Denver to name a few.

Too often, one important street on this impressive list is left off, Indiana Avenue in Indianapolis. David Leander Williams reflects extensively on the history of Indiana Avenue and its jazz legacy in his book Indianapolis Jazz: The Masters, Legends, and Legacy of Indiana Avenue.

Theater Review: Love's Labour's Lost

Jun 26, 2018
Photo: Jennifer Koskinen

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival's 51st season opened with Love's Labour's Lost on an idyllic night under the stars, and fully lives up to the dreamy setting and the elegant and flowery style of the play's romantic sentiments.

Dr. Robert Greer reviews Thud Ridge

May 9, 2018
photo courtesy of Amazon

The Stain of the Vietnam war never seems to leave us. Much like the stench from a cracked 100-year-old egg. That nauseating smell just seems to linger. I recently read the book Thud Ridge by Colonel Jack Broughton. The story of F-105 pilots in Vietnam and found to my surprise I was very peripherally connected to the story.

The actual story concerns Broughton, a West Point Graduate, who had flown 114 combat missions in Korea. And who had been a commander of the U.S. Thunderbirds Arial demonstration team.