KUVO programming highlights!

Café Brazil returns to Live at the Vineyards

Jul 22, 2017

Café Brazil, a South American cuisine restaurant that offers foods from Bahia in Northern Brazil, and the coast of Columbia. At KUVO’s Live at the Vineyards, chefs Tony, Mauricio and Marla will serve up the Feijao Bowl, a slow braised marinated brisket of beef with red beans, topped with a sweet Cherub tomato. A Pasilla chile salsa, sharp cheddar, and Italian parsley served stew style over rice. A marriage of freshness and flavor, and its Gluten Free.

Vinyl Vault: John McLaughlin - "Music Spoken Here"

Jul 21, 2017

The Vinyl Vault features guitar virtuoso John McLaughlin’s 1982 album on Warner Brothers, “Music Spoken Here.” The backing band features two keyboards as well as bass and drums. Although the accompanists primarily play electric instruments, McLaughlin mainly plays acoustic guitar. It’s inspired and interesting music from a musician who stood side by side with Miles Davis at the birth of fusion. The Vinyl Vault with host, Geoff Anderson on "The Night Beat," Tuesday, July 25 at 8:30pm on KUVO 8.93/kuvo.org.

The Vinyl Vault returns this week with a 1977 album from the band Matrix, entitled “Matrix IX.” This nine piece band sported a six man horn section backed by a driving rhythm section. Based in Appleton, Wisconsin, many of the band’s songs were inspired by literature by authors such as Arthur C. Clark, J.R.R. Tolkien and Lawrence Durrell. Check out the Vinyl Vault with host Geoff Anderson on The Night Beat, Tuesday at 8:30 on KUVO/kuvo.org.

Alto saxophonist Charles McPherson will be guest-hosting on KUVO with Erik Troe on Tuesday, July 11 at 4pm, just before McPherson kicks off a two-night run at Dazzle.  Tune in to hear Erik and Charles McPherson select some outstanding classic and modern jazz!

Jazz on Film: John Coltrane doc - a force for good

Jun 30, 2017

John Coltrane is a name many people have heard. To jazz fans, Coltrane is a name they associate with one of the great icons in 20th century music. And simply ‘Trane’ is whom other musicians and deep fans evoke to speak, sometimes in hushed tones, of a singular artist who elevated the saxophone into the realm of the profound and the spiritual. John Scheinfeld’s documentary has something in it for each of those people. Although Trane only lived to age 40, he had a gigantic influence in the jazz world.