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KUVO's Winter Membership Drive is coming up...help us Reach our Goal before the Drive Begins!

Pledge Now! Here at KUVO, we’re all in. It means we’re dedicated to bringing you the best music and connection to the community. Are you "All In" for KUVO? Our Winter Pledge Drive will begin on Feb. 13, but if you make a contribution today, it will count toward our $130,000 goal. As soon as we reach the goal, the drive will be over and we'll get back to all music all the time! Join the family of jazz messengers today! Your support during this pledge drive will ensure that we can continue to...

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Carmen Sandim Septet | Feb 7

Over her 30+ year relationship with music, award-winning composer and pianist Carmen Sandim has explored a variety of music styles - from performing with a Symphony orchestra, to composing TV jingles; to scoring for independent movies and Big Band, to leading her own Jazz Septet. On Feb 7th, her band will perform her latest collection of original compositions which are jazz rooted, intricately arranged, and strongly infused with the rhythms of her home country, Brazil.

Her band...

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Local Musician Spotlight: Drummer Alejandro Castaño

Today we’ll Spotlight one of the young lions who came through Denver’s educational and opportunity-laden jazz environment to become one of the hottest and most talented drummers on the scene today.

Alejandro Castaño’s achievements from 4th grade to now belie his 28 years. He is in high demand by Denver’s top musicians for his perfect timing and is beloved by his audiences for the joy he displays in his exciting playing.

Since about 2012, Alejandro has traveled to...

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The Blues are all about the stories, and there are many stories out there about the women and men who create this music.  Edward Komara, former Blues archivist of the University of Mississippi, and his successor Greg Johnson pulled together perhaps the definitive bibliography of books about the blues in their new release,  100 Books Every Blues Fan Should Own (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014).  We reached Ed Komara at his current post as the Crane Librarian of Music at the State University of New York at Potsdam.

Minorities invited to Denver's neighborhood movement

Mar 13, 2014

"Neighborhoods work better when they work together."  So says the subtitle at the website for Denver Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation, a volunteer run not-for-profit coalition of representatives from more than 100 registered neighborhood organizations in  Denver (RNOs).   Larry Ambrose (DenverINC's board president, representing the Sloan's Lake Neighborhood Association) shared his passion for neighborhoods on First Take.


Evan Anderman is the son of a geologist, and growing up he observed the Rocky Mountain landscape with a different understanding than most. Years later, as an aerial photographer he still sees it differently – from thousands of feet in the air. KUVO arts reporter Carrie Saldo took to the skies with Anderman as he searched for a more subjective beauty in Colorado. 

Thursday's Night Beat

Mar 13, 2014
Jimmy Katz

Can't wait to hit at eight, sharing the music with YOU is my favorite thing to DO! On this evening's Night Beat:

Happy Birthday to Blue Mitchell, Terence Blanchard, Stephen Scott, and the ageless one, the Force of Nature himself, Roy (play-me-some-jazz-man) Haynes (right-now)! We could play 2 hours of music on every one of those cats (Hint: "Trio Music"), but instead we'll squeeze them all, and much more, into just the 2 hours. That's 8-10 Mountain DAYLIGHT Time. Don't Miss It!

The Jazz Baroness - 2008 documentary by Hannah Rothschild

Mar 12, 2014

This film tells the story of the life of Pannonica Rothschild de Koneigswarter, an actual Baroness and heir of the Rothschild family fortune, her love of Thelonious Monk, and her unceasing support of jazz as an essential art form.

Dr. Greer's book review: Elmore Leonard's Westerns

Mar 11, 2014

The late Elmore Leonard was the real, honest-to-goodness deal, as versatile and as gifted a writer as the twentieth century ever saw.  Leonard wrote westerns and mysteries, thrillers, and to top it off,    high brow literary fiction, it seems, just to prove that a writer doesn't have to be shackled by academe.

Leonard's masterful short story anthology,  (what other name could the collection possibly have), is as good a short story collection as one will find, and a short story devotee's dream. 

(listen to the audio above for the full review)

Last November, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service made a huge spectacle of their "ivory crush."  Six tons of ivory collected over 25 years was displayed, then crushed in a demonstration of U.S. commitment to fight elephant poaching.  Gloria Dickie with the Center for Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado - Boulder visited KUVO's First Take with an update on the issue.

Sure, they started with a simple ten-bean soup, but in the last 25 years, the Women's Bean Project has empowered more than 800 women through enterprise.  Tamra Ryan, CEO of the project visited KUVO’s morning show “First Take with Lando and Chavis” to explain how their transitional employment program changes destinies. "When there is an opportunity to change one woman's life, you change her family's life," Ryan said.

The Colorado Black Round Table will host Saturday a community forum on higher education issues facing African Americans as part of its Losing Ground education project.

About a dozen higher education officials will talk about their concerns about and opportunities within the college systems in Colorado. The panel includes the new black president of Community College of Denver, Everette Freeman, and long-time college basketball coach Lonnie Porter.

Tuesday: CSU Jazz Ensemble I plays at KUVO

Mar 10, 2014

You'll want to tune in to KUVO/KVJZ on Tuesday, March 11 at 7pm when Peter Sommer brings his CSU Jazz Ensemble I into KUVO for this month's High School / Collegiate Series. Geoff Anderson hosts as these young musicians play live on the air from the Phyllis A. Greer Performance Studio.



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