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Book Review: American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House

Dr. Robert Greer MD

Dr. Greer's review of American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House Given the recent wrangling and consternation over the 2016 Presidential Election, I decided to go back and review…

Book Review: Left of Boom

Dr. Robert Greer MD

Sometimes a singular event can change the trajectory of one's life, so it was with Douglas Laux who was a college freshman when the twin towers fell in New York.…

Book Review: We'll Always Have Casablanca

Dr. Robert Greer

The movie "Casablanca" along with "Citizen Kane" are considered by many critics to be two of the greatest movies of all time.  Certainly "Casablanca" is one of the most written-about…

Book Review: O. Henry Short Stories

Dr. Robert Greer MD

Doubleday, Page and Co. began publishing the O. Henry Prize stories in 1919.  This wonderful collection of short stories has appeared annually since then.  The 2015 O. Henry Prize Stories…

Book Review: How About Never - Is Never Good For You?

Dr. Robert Greer MD

Dr. Robert Greer reviews "How About Never - Is Never Good for You?: My Life in Cartoons" by Bob Mankoff. Robert Greer MD examines the memoir of Bob Mankoff -…

Book Review: Brothers, Rivals, Victors

Dr. Robert Greer MD

Dr. Greer's Book Review of Brothers, Rivals, Victors: Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley and the Partnership that Drove the Allied Conquest in Europe by Jonathan W. Jordan  Dr. Robert Greer examines Brothers,…

Crossing Over: "Dreams to Remember" Book Review

Peter R. Furlong, PhD

In Dreams to Remember, Mark Ribowsky covers the Otis Redding saga beginning with Redding’s age-fifteen experience singing in the Macon, Ga. clubs with songstress Gladys Williams; moving on to work…

Book Review: UFOs - Officials on the Record

Dr. Robert Greer MD

Book review by Robert Greer, M.D. With high level politicos like Clinton and Obama White House insider John Podesta currently claiming it's time to open the book on the question…

Book Review: Average is Over

Dr. Robert Greer MD

Dr. Robert Greer's book review of Tyler Cowen's Average is Over Tyler Cowen, who wrote the national best-selling book The Great Stagnation, has penned a somewhat less appealing sequel Average…

Book Review: Elmore Leonard's Westerns

Dr. Robert Greer MD

Dr. Robert Greer book review - Elmore Leonard's Westerns The late Elmore Leonard was the real, honest-to-goodness deal, as versatile and as gifted a writer as the twentieth century ever…

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