Wow, what to say – ‘cept, Thank You!
and to KUVO too for letting u stretch out this much on Sunday eve; you’d do it anyway, but proprs to KUVO for putting it on “prime time”  ;-)
when I tell folks in Summit Cnty ‘bout KUVO, there are multiple extremely cool aspects: Cenir is incomparable (‘cross multiple continents);
you, sir, are well, well on your way to being, indeed, the poet laureate of KUVO  :-)
which would not be penultimate complete without same; Hillary holds down one “pole”; you do another
being up here in Boulder cnty, for a very long time, we come more and more and more to … appreciate … poets
musicians …
in the end, all the dharmas are, well, fundamentally, singular … for lack of a better way of say’in it!  ;-)
there is, ‘ya know, this literally single, actual, base, reality we all are grounded in, that we all share
that then, infinitely, elaborates from there …
different strokes, for different folks, has, well, multiple meanings … bounded only by our ability to …
appreciate  – might capture it in a single word
thanks again, bro
take good care!

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