In February, our long-time friend, KUVO listener, member and volunteer Bev Clifton was diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis, a rare disease (fewer than 200,000 cases per year), caused by a breakdown in communication between nerves and muscles. Symptoms include a weakness in the arm and leg muscles, double vision, and difficulties with speech and chewing. There is a rapid fatigue of muscles under voluntary control. Treatment, i.e. medications, therapy and surgery can help but it cannot be cured. It has made it virtually impossible for her to talk on the phone, which was one of her favorite things to do. So, those of you who have not heard from her, that is why.  She gets tired very easily and because her day to day existence has become so intolerable, she is making plans to leave us. Bev’s birthday is August 28.

Celebrate Bev with us on Tuesday, August 11.

Dazzle will livestream their 7:00 pm show with The Legacy Quintet, in the evening in honor of Bev. Just go to the Dazzle website HERE and you will be able to see the show, knowing that Bev is in her glory watching every minute.

A note from the Clifton Family:
Because this has happened so much more suddenly than any of us (especially my mom) anticipated, it has left her very sad that she cannot visit with all of you one last time; but we have had long conversations about her extraordinary life and she is coming to grips with the knowledge that you are all out there, loving her and thinking about her. I have heard wonderful, funny, poignant, and yes, sometimes embarrassing, stories about all of you! The most important thing to her right now, is for all of you to know how much she has loved you all and how you made her life so rich and vibrant. She has truly had a “wonderful life”.

We all love you so much and are so grateful you are in our lives.
Bev, Pam & Aaron

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