Over the years I have had the good fortune to volunteer during KUVO’s pledge drives. I always bring a list of the “TOP 10 Reasons I support KUVO” and encourage listeners to join me and become part of the KUVO family. In honor of the 35th birthday of KUVO I have put together my “TOP 35 Things” I love about this incredible radio station. If any of these points resonate with you I hope you will join me and make a financial gift. —Jim White

35. If you are a KUVO listener then you understand the Power of MUSIC. You know it can bring you smiles and comfort, evoke memories, offer solace during these difficult days. This station plays an important role in your life as KUVO is definitely all about the music.

34. Being part of the KUVO Studio Club is like watching live music while sitting on the stage. Nothing like it on the Front Range.

33. You can listen to KUVO for a week and never hear the same song twice.

32. This is the only entertainment that you get to decide what it is financially worth to you. Not like the price of a movie ticket, no cable bill, fee for the internet.

31. The on-air talent actually gets to decide what music they are going to play. I have seen these folks bring in CDs and vinyl from their own homes! Not a pre-chosen playlist based on advertising demographics.

30. New music is introduced every day

29. There are no commercials on KUVO!!

28. “Stories of Standards” is so unique. One classic piece of music highlighted throughout the week by different versions of the same song. No other station does anything like this.

27. You not only listen to jazz but you learn about jazz as the on-air staff are the most knowledgeable “fans” of jazz that exist. We listeners are so very lucky to get this opportunity to learn.

26. The KUVO website is the source of “all things jazz” in Colorado.

25. The only station that will air different genres of music to reflect those living in this community. This shows confidence and empathy whether it is Gospel, Latin, the Blues, Salsa..you name it.

24. You can actually call the station and request a song or learn more about a musician.

23. You will hear about all of the musicians that play on a particular song, not just the name on the label.

22. To survive for 35 years with basically the same format (straight up jazz) is unheard of in today’s radio market

21. At KUVO they are happy to tell listeners about local charity fund raisers or need for volunteers. A great resource for non-profits in the area.

20. KUVO will have you listening to movie soundtracks, appreciating the director’s use of jazz more than ever before.

19. KUVO is the driving force behind the 5 Points Jazz Festival. A full day full of live music, both family friendly and completely free.

18. No other station highlights local musicians like KUVO. They are very proud of those musicians that call Colorado home.

17. KUVO’s 30 under 30 highlight young musicians. This is a wonderful service when you reach a certain age because most of the musicians you listen to or have listened to have already passed on or are no longer recording.

16. The fundraising is limited to 3-4 Pledge drives a year. A very small price to pay for none of those irritating and never ending commercials.

15. What other station would let high school and college students come to the studio and play live on-air? This is a life changing event for some of these young musicians participating in the High School/Collegiate Performance Series.

14. Regardless of your age, the KUVO shirts, caps and hoodies – that are used as premiums,-really look sharp!!

13. No other station keeps listeners so informed about live music shows they can attend along the entire Front Range.

12. Donations to KUVO can be tax-deductible according to current tax laws.

11. KUVO does no telemarketing for donations. NONE-EVER!!

10. KUVO pays extra to bring us NPR news every hour. This wonderful news source is quoted more than any other, “Today on NPR I heard…”

9. There is no big corporate backing at KUVO. 93% of the budget comes from underwriters and listeners. This speaks to the importance of our support.

8. When entertaining all a host needs to do is put KUVO on in the house. You will never be disappointed by what you hear. “hundreds of CDs and you have KUVO on the stereo!

7. Only station where I have sat in my driveway and listened to the end of a song before turning the car off.

6. Only station when I have been driving that I have pulled over and written down the name of a song, and name of the CD before I could continue.

5. KUVO’s main fundraiser, “Live at the Vineyards” is, indeed, a great party! Actually wine tasting at a vineyard, great food and live jazz. Nothing else like it in the non-profit world.

4. I have found myself looking forward to that time of day when I am going to listen to KUVO whether it is at home or in the car.

3. I actually tell others about KUVO and what a great station it is. I can’t remember doing that about any other radio station.

2. No other station plays as much music as KUVO. The vast majority of an entire hour is all music. As Carlos Lando says, “Less Chatter and More Platter.”

1. And finally, in this election year there is so very much negativity on every other media source. You won’t find that on KUVO. It is, indeed, the perfect escape from the anger and antics. Who ever came up with “An Oasis in the City” was absolutely correct.

Happy Birthday KUVO! Wishing you great music, easy fund raising and many more wonderful years of playing the greatest music there is…JAZZ! ~Jim White

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