Live at the Oasis Vol. 11

KUVO is proud to announce that our brand new double CD - Live at the Oasis Vol. 11 - is now available! Disc 1 features traditional jazz sounds by renown artists and disc 2 features the new sound of jazz with the help of young, up-and-coming musicians.

For less than $7 a month, this double CD special can be yours! Purchase Live at the Oasis Vol. 11

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Disc One

  1. Rich Chiaraluce Quintet Big P: Rich Chiaraluce – alto sax, Alan Hood – trumpet, Dave Hanson – piano, Ken Walker – bass, Todd Reid – drums
  2. Roberta Gambarini In Your Own Sweet Way: oberta Gambarini – vocals, Eric Gunnison – piano, Mark Simon – bass, Paul Romaine – drums
  3. Brad Leali Orchestra Blee Blop Blues: Gabriel Mervine & Peter Olstad – trumpets, Tom Ball & Wade Sanders – trombones, Brad Lealli, Rich Chiaraluce & Pete Lewis – saxophones, Claus Raible – piano, Mark Simon – bass, Darrell Green – drums
  4. Ed Battle & Billy Wallace I Can’t Give You Anything But Love: Ed Battle – vocals, Billy Wallace – piano, Ken Walker – bass, Cory Baker – drums.
  5. Dexter Payne Quintet Playground: Dexter Payne – clarinet, Dave Willey – accordion, Victor Mestas Perez – piano, Bill Kopper – guitar, Raoul Rossiter – drums & percussion.
  6. Teresa Carroll Now We’re Through: Teresa Carroll- vocals, Doug Roche – piano, Ron Bland – bass, Dave Jackson – drums.
  7. Big Panic Big Band Love for Sale: Scott Handler, Amy Darling, Adam MacBlane & Rich Gabriel – trumpets, Kevin Buchanan, Ron Argotsinger, John Kenny & Todd Brubaker – trombones, Fly McClard, Carlos Chavez, Tyson Haines, Eric McGregor & Jeremy Wendelin – saxophones, Ron Jolly – piano, Dave Weinand – bass, Gary LeFrancois – drums
  8. Eddie Palmieri Montuno Para KUVO: Eddie Palmieri – piano, David Sanchez- tenor saxophone, Giovanni Hedalgo - congas, Jose Clausell - timbales, Joe Santiago- bass
  9. Ron Miles Quartet Mile Stones: Ron Miles – trumpet, Eric Gunnison – piano, Kent McLagen – bass, Alwyn Robinson – drums
  10. Gumbo le Funque Big Chief: Jason Justice – soprano sax & vocals, Andrea Merida – tambourine & vocals, Chris Anton – guitar, Mario Pagliarulo – bass, Jason McDonough – drums
  11. Freddy Rodriguez & the Jazz Connection Blue Caper: Freddy Rodriguez, Sr. – tenor sax, Andre Mali – trumpet, Freddy Rodriguez, Jr. – piano, Andrew Hudson – bass, Tony Black – drums

Disc Two

  1. Joscho Stephan Trio Bossa Dorado: Joscho Stephan – lead guitar, Aaron Walker – rhythm guitar, Mike Fitzmaurice – bass
  2. Steph Johnson Trio Artist Supreme: Steph Johnson – vocal & guitar, Rob Thorsen – bass, Fernando Gomez – drums
  3. Jason Klobnak Quintet Back to the End: Jason Klobnak – trumpet, Elijah Samuels – tenor sax, Annie Booth – piano, Ian Hutchison – bass, Paul Mullikin – drums
  4. Matt Skellenger Group The Curve: Matt Skellenger – bass guitar, Adam Bartczak – trombone, Glenn Taylor – pedal steel guitar, Dave Miller – drums
  5. Soul Explosion The Busta Bust: Mikey Smith – keyboards, Tom Gershwin – trumpet, Daryl Gott – alto sax, Thomas Haupt – guitar, Neil Hemphill – drums
  6. Patrick Lee Trio Harder Better Stronger Faster: Patrick Lee – piano, Ian Hutchison – bass, Alejandro Castano – drums
  7. Erik Deutsch & the Jazz Outlaws Pickle: Erik Deutsch – piano, John Gray – trumpet, Jonathan Lee Stewart – tenor sax, Scott Metzger – guitar, Benjamin Rubin – bass, Tony Mason – drums
  8. The Orchid Room Jettisoned: Amy Darling – trumpet, Xavier Provencher – tenor sax, Nate Leichtman – piano, Kim Bird – bass, Kevin Matthews – drums
  9. Venus Cruz with Greg Tanner Harris If You Let Me: Venus Cruz – vocals, Greg T. Harris – piano, Jonathan Lee Stewart – tenor sax, John Grigsby – bass, Daniel Hogans – drums
  10. C.S.U. Jazz Ensemble 1 Transit: Steven Braun, Jon Gray (soloist), Matt O’Connor, Casey Cole, Andrew Funk-trumpets, Jesse Sylvester, Kaelin McDonald, Kelan Rooney, Alex O’Leary-trombones, Boothe Iberg, Kate Vincent, Oren Logan, Eli Cagen, Kirk Bakalis-saxophones, Wally Uhlrich-guitar, Matt Carroll-piano, Drew Miller-bass, Keller Paulson-drums

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