Arturo Gómez

Music Director & host of Jazz with Arturo Gómez

Arturo has been part of "The Oasis in the City" since the spring of 2003. Before that, Arturo was part of Miami's jazz station for 13 years.

Arturo was fortunate to have been raised listening to the progressive radio stations of Los Angeles, instilling in him a love and knowledge of many music styles while his parents hosted many a Cuban music dance party during his growing up years.

An award-winning Music Director, Arturo was awarded Music Director of the Year for three consecutive years while at KUVO/KVJZ and once before in Miami.

Arturo brings an enthusiastic and passionate approach to music programs, coupled with pertinent information in the traditions of classic jazz radio. Arturo proudly states, "Jazz is my favorite four-letter word and the world's greatest art form."

Catch Arturo's program, Jazz with Arturo Gómez, every weekday from noon to 1 pm. 

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Origin Records

We are very fortunate to live in Metro Denver along the Front Range of Colorado as its quality of life is above the national average and we have a multitude of advantages, natural and man-made surrounding us. One of those gifts is the amazing jazz scene and its abundance of quality players and educators living among us. One of our top tier members of the jazz community is the multi-instrumentalist and excellent educator Brad Goode.

Walter Gorra Jazz

Throughout my fifteen year tenure as Music Director for KUVO Jazz, few of our CD of the Month selections have elicited as much joy and satisfaction as this month’s choice of the Walter Gorra Quartet’s debut, In Due Time I have had the pleasure of knowing the Gorra family since 2008, I have seen Walter mature as a brilliant jazz pianist and composer all the while he has pursued his family’s tradition of becoming a structural engineer.

Rio Theater

This Friday, September 14 on Lunchtime with Arturo Gómez, he will share portions of a phone conversation he had with NEA Jazz Master Chick Corea in anticipation of his performance on Sunday evening at Fort Collins’ Lincoln Center with his new Vigilette Trio.  Lunchtime with Arturo Gómez is heard Monday through Friday, Noon ‘til 1pm with the interview airing at appx 12:45pm,  Tune in or listen now!

New York Times


KUVO Jazz will be honoring the music of Mr. Weston throughout the week. Janine Santana will play his more percussive tracks on Salsa con Jazz, Sunday, 2 to 4p. Andy O' on The Nightside beginning at 8p will further explore Randy's music then beginning Monday morning you will hear the entire spectrum of his contributions to jazz all week long. 

The New York Times obituary: 


Bobby Sanabria is an amazing artist whose talents go beyond music and the Arts. His accomplishments in music and education are worthy of admiration.  To honor the centennial of the birth of maestro Leonard Bernstein, Bobby sought out the daughter of Mr. Bernstein to seek approval for him to take the music of West Side Story which as a Bronx born Puerto Rican influenced his youth after seeing the film at the historic and majestic Paradise Theater of the Bronx with his family.