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Eats & Beats: the Cuban sandwich for Super Bowl

Jan 30, 2015

Looking for some variation in the standard Super Bowl menu (you know, guac, chips, wings), we called on Sergio and Roxanne Negrin from Frijoles Colorado in Lakewood, for a fresh take on what to serve for the big game.  

Roxanne and Sergio Negrin enjoy Cuban sandwich with Carlos Lando
Credit Ryan Mecillas

They obliged by visiting KUVO's morning show "First Take with Lando and Chavis" with tiny cups of strong, sweet Cuban coffee, a plate of their  ropa vieja (shredded pork on rice with black beans and plantain),  and an  authentic Cubano sandwich.

Sergio Negrin describes it: "Swiss cheese, sweet ham, and our signature roasted pork, a couple of pickles, a little bit of mustard, on freshly baked Cuban bread.  We press it down and look out!"

Negrin adds: "During game excitement, it travels well.  It doesn't fall apart."

Sergio also commented on the prospect of warmer relations with Cuba.  "It's extremely difficult to stay authentic here in Denver, but this exchange, wow, what tremendously good news that is.  You've got 10 million people on that island that are really struggling."

(Music on this feature from Tito Rodriguez, "Avisale a Mi Contrario" from the CD El Inolvidable, and a live version of Horace Silver's "Song for My Father."