Mayhem Trio: Marlier - Gunnison - Barbosa | Wednesdays

Oct 10, 2018

Built upon the trust, camaraderie, and love that can form between longtime bandmates, this trio produces a sound that is edgy, intriguing, rhythmically complex and always compelling. Over the course of nearly two decades, these three Denver jazz icons have played countless shows together in a myriad of different scenarios. Through these experiences, they have developed a deep connection and birthed a unique musical language between them that they are excited to share with the Nocturne audience over the course of two months.

The Mayhem Trio will feature a very challenging selection of music as their vehicle, focusing on the works of Grammy award winner Chick Corea, as well as many original works by the members.

The Mayhem Trio: Mike Marlier: Drums, Bijoux Barbosa: Bass, and Eric Gunnison: Piano

Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club presents
The Mayhem Trio
Wednesdays in October -
$8 per guest Artist Fee - Reservations Recommended