November Wine and Food Pairing: Rotisserie Roasted Lamb Leg and Qu.ale

Nov 15, 2017

Rotisserie roasted lamb leg with cous cous and feta
Credit photo courtesy of Mindi McNeil

For this month's Wine and food Paring Chase Devitt of  Denver Brider paired his Rotisserie Roasted Leg Lamb and side (cucumber, mint, cilantro, harissa, tzatziki, lemon) along with Qu.ale, a red wine picked out by Carolyn Joy of Joy Wine & Spirits.

Carolyn  says that “Thanksgiving can be complicated, with the turkey, all the sides, .... and the wine, let alone all the family dynamics.  Thanksgiving feasts are a potpourri of flavors, textures and nuances - savory or spicy stuffing, creamy potatoes, zesty or tart fruits, braised veggies... the list goes on.  At Joy Wine and Spirits, nothing makes us happier, than to dissect a meal and then put it back together with specific wine pairings.  But, many listeners just want to keep it simple. Qu.ale, is a perfect complement to such a complicated meal.  It is a refreshing, slightly fruity wine, pleasing for all and easy on the pocketbook. In addition, drinking Qu.ale means listeners are also giving back to one of four charities, (you choose), are drinking from 100 percent recycled bottles and the grapes are grown organically!

A safe bet in choosing a wine for Thanksgiving is to keep it clean, avoid a lot of oak and tannin and avoid high alcohol wines that compete not only for your taste buds but your common sense as well.  Save the high alcohol for a little treat at the end, like a delicious sweet sherry to savor with that pecan or pumpkin pie”.

Lamb Leg Rub
300g garlic
80g   dried oregano
20g   fennel seed
15g   chili flake
20g   smoked paprika
40g   black pepper
100g salt
1000g blended oil

Combine all spices in blender and blend until well ground.  Add garlic, olive oil and blend until the mixture is paste like.

Cous Cous
½ c butter
2qt couscous
3qt water
1 onion minced
1 head garlic minced
1tsp fennel pollen
zest of one orange
2t salt
Sweat onion and garlic in butter until translucent (no color) aprox 10 min.  Add fennel pollen and orange zest and salt and couscous and toast for two min. Add water and bring to a boil.  Remove from heat and cover for 10 min.  Uncover and let sit for 5 min.  Fluff with a rubber spatula.

Cous Cous Salad
2c cooked cous cous
1/2c cucumbers (large dice)
1/2c feta crumbles
1/4c radish sliced thin
2T lemon juice
3T evoo
Pinch mint leaves
Pinch cilantro leaves

1 can piquillo peppers
3T Ancho powder
3T Chipotle powder
2T Caraway
2T Cumin
2T Corriander
1/2 cup Lemon juice
2 Heads of garlic
1Q oil

Method: Toast all the spices. Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. Season with salt and pepper.

1 tub sour cream
2 large cucumbers, small dice
2 lemons zest and juice
½ c mint, chopped
S&P to taste

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Makes 3 quarts.

Naan Recipe
472 g warm water
24 g fast acting active dry yeast
24 g sugar
1432 g all-purpose flour, plus extra for rolling
24 g salt
212 g canola oil
350 g plain greek yogurt
olive oil for cooking

Directions: In a large bowl, stir together the water, yeast and sugar and let stand for 5 minutes, until it’s a little fizzy/foamy. Stir in the flour, salt, oil, and yogurt and stir, then knead until you have a soft, pliable dough. Cover with a dish towel and let rise until doubled in size; about an hour.
Roll out with plenty of flour to approx. 1/8th inch thick and punch with ring cutter.

Alessandra with a bottle of Qu.ale
Credit photo courtesy of Carolyn Joy