Swingin' for Survivors: A Jazz Benefit for Human Trafficking Survivors

Aug 15, 2018

A jazz benefit concert will be happening on Friday August 17th at 7pm in Lafayette to help survivors of human trafficking. People often think that human trafficking happens in other countries, but in reality, it happens everywhere.

Here in Colorado human trafficking is an unmentioned issue, and Reintegra (a non-profit in Lafayette) works with human trafficking survivors to help them rebuild their lives. 

I spoke to local singer Barbara Paris and Executive Director of Reintegra Andy McCullough regarding how Reintegra came to be, artists who will be performing at the benefit, how Reintegra survivors are encouraged to go for their education (one of them did the graphics for the fliers for the event on August 17 th)   and more.

The benefit will be held at the Muse Performance Space and will also showcase art from The Freedom 58 Project, a group that uses art to tell the story of human trafficking through dignity portraits.

Barbara Paris and Andy McCullough
Credit photo Mindi McNeil