Wendy Fopeano celebrated during Women's History Month | KUVO/KVJZ

Wendy Fopeano celebrated during Women's History Month

Mar 10, 2019

Today’s featured Colorado Woman in Jazz, Wendy Fopeano is a jazz vocalist based in Denver, Colorado who started out as an instrumentalist, playing electric and acoustic bass, trumpet, guitar, and piano, before choosing voice as her main instrument. Her Colorado residencies date back to her performances in Estes Park back in 1987.

Wendy has taught through The Harmony Project, which pairs artists with teachers in public schools to facilitate learning through the arts. She has composed children's songs about nature, geometry, and Colorado history to help kids learn these subjects in fun ways.

From 2001 to 2011 she hosted her own jazz show on KUVO where she interviewed many fine musicians, including Tom Harrell, Christian McBride, Jonathan Kreisberg, Stanley Clarke, and Chick Corea.  

Her CD Raining on the Roses   was recorded live at Dazzle  and in his book, The Jazz Singers, famed jazz writer Scott Yanow writes that Fopeano's Raining on the Roses CD makes "one wonder why she is not nationally famous."

You can check her out live this month at Herb’s Bar.

For more information on Wendy you can visit her website.

Credit Wendy Fopeano