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Wulfie's Wax Museum: Herbie Mann Afro-Jazz Sextet: "The Common Ground"

Apr 2, 2019

Join host Michael Wulfsohn Monday night for “Wulfie’s Wax Museum,” on the Monday Night Beat, as we celebrate the life and birthday of one of the most prolific, and all-time great jazz flutists, Herbie Mann.  Herbie released over 85 albums as a leader in his lifelong career. We’ll listen to his 21st release, and his first on Atlantic Records, “The Common Ground.” This highly intriguing album blends Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, West, North and Central African music into what he calls, “Afro-Jazz.”

This album and musical concept originated out of his visits to Brazil and the Caribbean in 1959, followed the next year by an extensive tour of north, west, and central Africa.  Soon thereafter, he formed this Afro-Jazz Sextet heard on this album. Herbie is backed up by Eastern and Western instruments, featuring Doc Cheatham and 3 other trumpeters, as well as Ray Barretto on congas, Ray Mantilla on bongos, and many other musicians from Africa, and around the world.

Herbie described his fascination with the Afro-Cuban idiom, stating “The indigenous African music I heard, the Afro-Cuban synthesis, and modern jazz are different branches of the same family tree.” Herbie brought these elements together “to find a level on which they could relate to each other.” The title, “The Common Ground” represents that musical concept throughout this LP. This album has a flavor unlike any other Herbie Mann album, and long before he reached his commercial success in the late ’60s and ’70s.

Don’t miss this hot, Afro-Jazz wax!  Tune in Monday, April 15 at 8 pm. for “Wulfie’s Wax Museum” on the next Monday Night Beat, on KUVO Jazz.