The Night Beat with Doug Crane

Wednesdays, 8pm to 10PM

Many years ago Doug began referring to his program as "Jazz Beyond Category" which he feels gives him the freedom to program music that might fall a bit outside of a strict definition of jazz. While his show is firmly anchored in the grand tradition of American jazz, a listener is likely to hear pop music with a strong jazz sensibility from Brazil, Fado music from Portugal, world music from the African continent and jazz from eastern European countries such as Poland.

On most Wednesday evenings Doug plans to have an underlying theme to his The Night Beat show. As an example, throughout February he features jazz music associated with motion pictures as part of what he calls "Jazz Goes to the Movies".

As a trombonist, Doug counts J.J. Johnson, Carl Fontana and Bob Brookmeyer among his favorites.  As someone who wishes he could play piano much better, he enjoys listening to Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Bill Charlap, McCoy Tyner and Aaron Diehl.

Jazz Goes to the Oscars!

Feb 26, 2014

Tonight at 8pm, Doug Crane invites you to join him as Jazz Goes to the Oscars. Without divulging names, he'll be featuring a tune or two by the only jazz musician nominated for a best actor award and also music composed by someone who not only won an Academy Award but also two Tony awards, an Emmy, arranged two of Ray Charles' biggest hit records and wrote some of the most significant songs for a fledgling big band and its leader. Do you know who it is? Tune in tonight at 8pm for the Jazz Beyond Category edition of the Night Beat - Jazz Goes to the Oscars.