In Latin America, and Mexico specifically, the 1st and 2nd of November is known as The Day of the Dead.

This is a time to honor those who have passed, but it is also a time to invite them back home. This is done in many ways, including altars on tables or bookshelves or mantles on which are places photos, favorite food and drink, flowers, and anything else the late loved one loved.

Every year Super Sonido celebrates the Day of the Dead with a musical altar. Put together by host La Molly, the altar includes music that honors those who have passed on. Super Sonido’s altar is meant to give listeners a moment of reflection and remembrance for personal loss or the greater losses we experience as a community.

This year though, it feels more appropriate to include the community in the creation of this sonic altar.

La Molly asked the community to provide the offerings. She collected songs from listeners that reminded them of someone they love, whether it was that person’s favorite song or a song that reminded them of a special moment with that person. La Molly will play these songs along with stories of the person they represent.

These songs will be our collective pan dulce and hot coffee, enticing our loved ones to return to us, if even for a few moments.

Celebrate Dìa de Los Muertos with your host La Molly on Sunday, October 31, at 4 pm.

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