ken walker

Wake Up the Rossonian! | Sept. 30

Sep 24, 2018

Be among the very first to enjoy an evening of live music, libations, and community in the soon-to-be-reopened historic Rossonian Hotel!

Ken Walker Sextet | Sept 28

Sep 22, 2018

The Ken Walker Sextet is a little like the full moon, except the KWS is more dependable and swings harder. The full moon arcs gracefully across the sky. It's nice, but does it make you snap your fingers? Walker and his band evoke (but don't demand) that response.

Featuring: Ken Walker-bass, Dave Corbus-guitar, Al Hood-trumpet, Paul Romaine-drums, Jeff Jenkins-piano, and Peter Sommer-sax

Rich Perry with the Rico Jones Quartet | Aug 19

Aug 12, 2018

“Eloquent, inventive, thoughtfully lyrical, rich and full-bodied, impassioned yet cerebral –– serious chops, but chooses to go for the heart” are all words and phrases critics have used to describe Rich Perry’s unique voice on tenor saxophone.

Eddie Harris Tribute | Thursdays

Apr 6, 2018

A quartet of Denver's jazz elite ( saxophonist Keith Oxman, guitarist Dave Corbus, bassist Ken Walker and drummer Todd Reid ) will be exploring Eddie Harris' legacy and musical ideas through their own lens Thursday nights through March & April.  An influential force on the jazz world for decades, tenor saxophonist Eddie Harris used his light and fluid sound to bring groundbreaking compositions such as “Listen Here”, “Freedom Jazz Dance”, and “Cold Duck Time" to the world.

Benny Golson Quartet | Apr 3

Apr 1, 2018

Benny Golson Quartet at Dazzle @ Baur's featuring Benny Golson on tenor sax, Sharp Radway on piano, Ken Walker on bass, and Paul Romaine on drums.

Golson, a multitalented and internationally famous jazz legend, a composer, arranger, lyricist, producer - and tenor saxophonist of world note, was born in Philadelphia, PA on January 25, 1929.