Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club

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While the month of October offers on ongoing spotlight on ECM recording artists at Dazzle, that top-notch series isn’t the only musical game in town.

Mayhem Trio: Marlier - Gunnison - Barbosa | Wednesdays

Oct 10, 2018

Built upon the trust, camaraderie, and love that can form between longtime bandmates, this trio produces a sound that is edgy, intriguing, rhythmically complex and always compelling. Over the course of nearly two decades, these three Denver jazz icons have played countless shows together in a myriad of different scenarios. Through these experiences, they have developed a deep connection and birthed a unique musical language between them that they are excited to share with the Nocturne audience over the course of two months.

The Democracy at Nocturne | Fridays

Oct 10, 2018

"The Democracy" is a modern jazz quintet that operates in a way that allows each musician to be an active a part of the creative direction of the ensemble. All five players contribute to the original works performed an all have a say of how each night will go... this band is proof that Democracy is not broken.

Adam Bartczak - trombone, Sam Williams - saxophone, Peter Stoltzman - piano, Gonzalo Teppa - bass, Dru Heller - drums

Nick Benitez Quintet | Oct 20

Oct 7, 2018

Nick Benitez is a trumpeter, educator, and composer from New York City. Having grown up playing bass and classical/electric guitar, music has always been a part of the young jazz musician's life. He grew up mostly playing traditional South American and Caribbean music and picked up the trumpet at the age of 11. Having toured the country, parts of Canada and the Caribbean, Nick has played and recorded a wide variety of music from Jazz to Afro-Beat to Salsa and African Bomba music.

The Dana Landry Trio | Thursdays at Nocturne

Oct 4, 2018

Performing, recording, and touring together for over 15 years, the Dana Landry Trio has appeared throughout the U.S. and in Asia and Europe, and their debut recording Memphis Skyline (Artist Alliance Records) reached the Top 40 on the Jazz Week radio airplay chart.