From our home to yours – HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are “thankful” for YOU!

We hope these comments from our community inspire you as much as they inspire us!

  1. There were times this month when tuning in to KUVO was the ONLY place I felt safe. –John in Denver
  2. KUVO hosts are all really great people who make our lives better each day. –Jeffrey in Denver
  3. A breath of fresh air from the news. –Amy in Lafayette
  4. My “Vitamin J” every day! –Adam in Longmont
  5. Thanks for the great years of entertainment and dancing my ass off. – “V” in Denver
  6. We have been teaching our young children about blues and jazz, and it has been keeping us afloat during this pandemic. –Enessa in Arvada
  7. Listening to KUVO every Sunday morning from Southwest Kansas. Tejano, Tex-Mex, Colorado & New Mexican musica is soothing to my soul while dancing around the house. It brings back wonderful childhood memories, at times happy tears with a huge warm smile!  –Isabel in Kansas
  8. Thanks for the Veterans tributes. –Rosemary in Denver
  9. MEDICINE FOR THE YEAR 2020. –John in Denver
  10. I stumbled upon KUVO while searching the radio for some good tunes and now I’m hooked – I haven’t turned the dial since! Thank you KUVO for bringing jazz into my life! –Li-Wei in Longmont
  11. Andy O’, your love for jazz and poetry rides the waves straight to us listeners and thank you for the care you take whether night or bright! –Allison in Wheat Ridge
  12. As a sculptor, I love having KUVO playing while I am creating –Pen in Boulder
  13. KUVO has been a rock in our house throughout this pandemic. –Marcia in Littleton
  14. I have been fighting Covid-19 and if it was not for KUVO I may have gone out of my mind! –“C” in Lafayette
  15. Your music keeps me company all day, working from home. –Ann Marie in Milwaukee
  16. We really appreciate all the hard work and enthusiasm you pour into our community! –Ryan in Boulder
  17. I look forward to hearing my friends on the radio each day and learn something new all the time. –Becky in Denver
  18. KUVO has helped me deal with staying home more during the pandemic. –Janice in Boulder
  19. KUVO brings me peace. –Van in Denver
  20. Love the music you play – really good stuff! –Neal in Aurora
  21. I live with KUVO! Gotta get that vitamin J! –Laura in Denver
  22. The music draws me in, and the community keeps me there! –Peggy in Denver
  23. I am thrilled to be able to access KUVO Jazz on my Alexa! –Susan in Littleton
  24. Glad to give a little more for those who can’t give right now. Thanks, KUVO for bringing music to help us through these times! –Rick in Denver
  25. Thanks for helping me enjoy all these days working from home. –Travis in Longmont
  26. I appreciate the shout-out to Cuba and its jazz! –Michael in Augusta, GA
  27. I’ve been listening to this station since I was kid because my dad always plays it. Loving it even more as an adult and love that it’s still thriving more than ever! –Nolan in Denver
  28. KUVO is daily sunshine in my life. –Kathy in Denver
  29. Jazz is a service. When I listen, I feel elevated. –Danielle in Denver
  30. KUVO is just as much part of what makes the Mile High great as craft beer, mountains, and sunshine. –Evan in Denver
  31. Finding KUVO has helped us feel instantly at home in Colorado. –Celia in Breckenridge
  32. Keep them blues rollin’. –Eric in Littleton
  33. The R&B Jukebox and Blues shows are a big part of our Saturday night and music education for our 1.5 yr old son Miles. –Sean in Lafayette
  34. We love the R&B Jukebox and are so thankful for KUVO’s work with the community, including having our high school jazz band record a live show in the studio. Wow!!! –Krista in Louisville
  35. Thought I needed to pay up for some entertainment. Thanks for keepin’ the groove alive. –Doug in Oakdale, MN

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