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Gail Marie Bransteitter

As the list of atrocities committed by the police and whites against blacks continues to pile up and the incarceration of African-Americans that accelerated after Bill Clinton’s crime bill in the '90's continues to expand—in response to private for-profit prison demands on the state and the racism of the white power structure—there is a growing awareness and resistance to such behaviors and the system that engenders it.

The All-Stars came to town Thursday night and lived up to their name. The Latin Jazz All Stars is an amalgam that periodically organizes and tours with a fluctuating cast of players. A similar conglomeration came through the Denver area almost exactly six years ago. Like Thursday night’s group, that band was a sextet and half of the 2013 band returned this year with three new members.

Mindi McNeil

This month's wine and food pairing had a  few twists, first, Brandon of Joy Wine and Spirits filled in for Carolyn Joy this month and (secondly) he brought a beer from Ursula Brewery in Aurora and paired it with a Braised Beef Cheek Bolognese prepared by  Executive Chef Adam Vero of Hearth and Dram

Book Review: New biography of Dexter Gordon

Dec 31, 2018

The American tenor saxophone artist Dexter Gordon (b. 1923) was working on his autobiography in Cuernavaca, Mexico, when he died in 1990. Maxine Gordon embraced the role of family life historian to complete this work. This is the biography of a legendary jazz musician written by a woman who had served as his road manager and business manager before their marriage; and Maxine earned academic credentials and black history writing experience post-1990 to strengthen the writing.

The Good Food Media Network's 100 restaurants

Nov 29, 2018
Good Food Media Network

The Good Food 100   seeks to redefine how chefs, restaurants, and food service businesses are viewed and valued. They spotlight the restaurants that are helping to build a better food system by using their purchasing power to support local/state, regional, and national ‘good food’ economies.

Co-Founder and President Sara Brito stopped by KUVO recently to discuss how the restaurants on the Good Food 100 list are selected, farms and farmers, access to good food and more.