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Book Reviews

Book Review: New biography of Dexter Gordon

Dec 31, 2018

The American tenor saxophone artist Dexter Gordon (b. 1923) was working on his autobiography in Cuernavaca, Mexico, when he died in 1990. Maxine Gordon embraced the role of family life historian to complete this work. This is the biography of a legendary jazz musician written by a woman who had served as his road manager and business manager before their marriage; and Maxine earned academic credentials and black history writing experience post-1990 to strengthen the writing.

The American con game is alive, well, and upfront and center in John Carreyrou’s meticulously researched book about the dark side of Silicon Valley. In bad blood, secrets and lies in a Silicon Valley start-up. Carreyrou exposes Elizabeth Holmes, her California based corruption, and the multi- billion-dollar bio-tech scam Holmes constructed to manipulate a bunch of politically prominent high-profile movers and shakers and bilk the public.

Carreyrou, John. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup. Penguin Random House, LLC: New York. 2018



Book Review: Robbie Robertson’s “Testimony”

Sep 29, 2018

Robbie Robertson had a music band while growing up on the Six Nations Indian Reserve in Canada, but he owes his professional music origins to two guys playing rockabilly and blues covers in the Arkansas Delta region. At age fifteen, Robertson gave two songs he had written to Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks after his band had opened for a Hawks performance in Canada. Returning to Arkansas, Hawkins recorded these songs for a new album. Hawkins invited his young composer/guitarist discovery to Fayetteville for a crash course in rockabilly guitar playing.