A message from KUVO JAZZ General Manager, Nikki Swarn: 

After more than 35 years on KUVO airwaves, Dan Feinberg is stepping away from his Thursday Night Beat spot for now. The doors are open for future collaborations together and we are forever grateful to Dan for sharing his love of jazz with our community since 1988. As of last Thursday evening, Dan began running a “Goodbye For Now” track, on Thursday’s “The Night Beat”. We celebrate his wonderful contributions to the fabric of our beloved KUVO Jazz!

Some of you may also wonder who will take Dan’s place as the host of  Thursday’s “The Night Beat.”  It wouldn’t be prudent to replace Dan’s role at this time, so instead we will use a little radio magic to create a “Best of the Night Beat” series until a new lineup is announced. You can catch Dan’s “Goodbye for Now” set on “The Night Beat”, Thursday, May 25, at 8 pm.

Dan stated the following:

“Miles Davis was either born on May 26, 1926, or May 25, 1925, there are conflicting reports. The fact is he was born. And sometime no later than his early teens he realized that his calling was music. And our calling is to remember him on his birthday or when we think is his birthday. Miles was not the greatest trumpeter, composer, arranger, or bandleader, but he was the most fearless of all of those things: Never looking back, never treading the same path twice. So, our mission on The Night Beat Thursday, May 25, at 8 pm, is to celebrate Miles’ birthday the best way we know how: one track at a time. We might hear Milestones, Godchild, Footprints, Agitation Sanctuary Rocker, Teo, Saeta, Duran, Joshua, or maybe even tunes with longer titles.”

“Dan, I can’t imagine a more fitting way to sign off than celebrating Miles Davis for your final show!  Thank you for helping so many listeners find their passions for Jazz and support falling in love with the music of KUVO and exploring its language. We are better because of your dedication to sharing the journey of music discovery and bringing jazz into the lives of so many. I remain inspired by your commitment and respect for the music and its masters. THANK YOU!” – Nikki Swarn, KUVO GM

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