KUVO Broadcast Signal

You may have noticed a change in KUVO’s FM (or FM-HD) reception recently. We have moved our transmitter location! After broadcasting from Lookout Mountain for over 33 years we have relocated our main broadcast transmitter to Mt. Morrison.


When KUVO went on the air in 1985, we were co-located with KRMA television (Rocky Mountain PBS Channel 6) on Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colo. We were “grandfathered” in as an “Original Broadcaster,” but the long-standing lease agreement with Jefferson County did not allow us to fix, repair, or maintain the transmitter facility that was built in 1960. After several structural studies and building maintenance issues, KUVO made the decision to relocate to newer modern facilities to ensure long term sustainability to our broadcast infrastructure.

These maps show the anticipated changes to the KUVO broadcast signal caused by the move to Mt. Morrison.


We have received reports from some listeners of a change in reception, and we want to hear from you!  Please let us know how we sound in your neighborhood by sending an e-mail to studio@kuvo.org.

In the email, please let us know:

  • Are we “booming” just fine, or do we sound weaker?
  • Is there a scratchy, static sound now where there was no such sound before?
  • Is there a difference in reception now between your car radio and your house or business radio?
  • VERY IMPORTANT: what is your postal ZIP CODE?

This information will help us address any coverage or reception issues that have arisen due to the transmitter re-location.

Again, please send a note to studio@kuvo.org.


Listeners outside KUVO’s primary signal area are encouraged to access KUVO’s high-quality audio stream at the KUVO website www.KUVO.org.

Dedicated radio listeners can rearrange the interior dipole antenna (the kind that comes with the stereo), or install a larger antenna array in your attic or on your rooftop.  There are also FM signal amplifiers on the market.  Sorry, we cannot make any specific product recommendations.

We’ll keep you posted!

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