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The Al Hood Quintet: Remembering Clifford Brown | Nov 17

Clifford Brown was one of the great jazz musicians of the 20th century. Noted for his lyricism, pure tone, and graceful technique and was one of the key figures in the emerging hard bop scene of the early 1950’s on the east coast. Although his life was tragically cut short by a car accident at the age of 25, Clifford’s legacy and recordings still have a heavy influence on musicians today, especially those who take up the trumpet.

Trumpeter Alan Hood hails from the upstate New...

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Ken Walker Sextet | Nov 16

The Ken Walker Sextet is a little like the full moon, except the KWS is more dependable and swings harder. The full moon arcs gracefully across the sky. It's nice, but does it make you snap your fingers? Walker and his band evoke (but don't demand) that response.

Featuring: Ken Walker-bass, Dave Corbus-guitar, Al Hood-trumpet, Paul Romaine-drums, Jeff Jenkins-piano, and Peter Sommer-sax

Dazzle @ Baur's presents
The Ken Walker Sextet
Friday, November 16 -...

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Mercado de Navidad

6 minutes ago

Shop among local makers, designers, craft-ers and creators at our annual Mercado de Navidad! It’s the perfect chance to get a head start on your holiday shopping. Enjoy local, small treats, drinks, and products while you shop inside of Museo’s main exhibition spaces. Located in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District, Museo de las Americas is the premier Latin American art museum in the Rocky Mountain region.

MaryLynn Gillaspie & Friends | Nov 16

1 hour ago
Jack Sasson

MaryLynn loves to sing an eclectic assortment of music: everything from 1940s standards, straight ahead jazz and updated versions of 60s pop tunes arranged and performed with the top of the crop of the areas local musicians.

Her band for this performance includes: Mitch Chmara - guitar, Dave Hanson - piano, Andrew Rose - bass, Mike Marlier - drums, with MaryLynn - vocals


The Turtle Island String Quartet (now known as the Turtle Island Quartet) emerged in the Bay Area in the mid-1980s with a unique jazz twist to the traditional chamber music foursome. On Friday, the Turtles (with founding member David Balakrishnan on violin, Malcolm Parson on cello, Benjamin von Gutzeit on viola and Gabriel Terricciano on violin) are in Denver as part of the Newman Center’s impressive 2018-2019 jazz series.

Turtle Island Quartet with Cyrus Chestnut | Nov 16

5 hours ago

Carry Me Home - Ellington, Coltrane, Withers, Bach, Appalachia, Hindu spirituals — this eclectic program transcends traditional forms to incorporate a colorful, culture-spanning tapestry of music that only the talented combination of Turtle Island and Cyrus Chestnut can muster.

“This kind of gonzo alchemy comes our way once in a blue moon, which made it all the sweeter.” — Daily Press

David Balakrishnan - violin, Malcom Parson - cello, Gabriel Terricciato - violin, Benjamin Von - viola, and
Cyrus Chestnut - pianist

Thanksgiving Baskets in Honor of Daddy Bruce

10 hours ago
Pastor Jeff Kanost

On Saturday Nov 17th starting at 9am The Denver Feed a Family Foundation (in honor of Daddy Bruce Randolph) will be passing out Thanksgiving Baskets to help those in need. The baskets weigh about 45 pounds and are designed to feed a small family.  

Volunteers and donations are still welcome at the Epworth Foundation website

¡CUBA! now at Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Nov 14, 2018

Soak up the vitality of the Caribbean’s largest island nation without a plane ticket! ¡CUBA! is a lively exhibition for all ages, where you’ll be immersed in the extraordinary biodiversity, cultural traditions, and daily life of this intriguing country. Stroll along a “plaza” lined with activities and displays sharing the stories behind Cuban icons—such as poster art, cigars, dominoes, coffee, baseball, and vintage cars—and peer into beautiful re-creations of the island’s habitats, introducing you to distinctive animals both modern and extinct.

Chris Smither | Nov 17

Nov 14, 2018

Chris Smither. Songwriter. Guitarist. Performer. Bluesman. Honing a synthesis of folk and blues for 50 years, Smither is truly an American original. Reviewers and fans from around the world, including Rolling Stone and The New York Times, agree that Chris continues to be a profound songwriter, a blistering guitarist, and intense performer as he draws deeply from the blues, American folk music, modern poets and humanist philosophers.

Ghost Tapes | Nov 17

Nov 14, 2018

Inspired by the elements of 70’s funk and soul, 90’s hip-hop and late 90’s neo-soul, Ghost Tapes delivers cerebral and poetic original music to the Denver scene.

Ishka B. Phoenix – Vocals, Evan Ballinger – Keys, Marco Garcia – Bass, Nick Moulds – Guitar, and Will Carman – Drums

Dazzle @ Baur's presents
Ghost Tapes
Saturday, November 17 at 9 pm
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The Art of Blakey by the Brian Claxton Quintet | Fridays

Nov 14, 2018

Dr. Brian Claxton has been listening to music and playing drums his entire life. His first love was the swinging beat of Earl Palmer on Bobby Day's "Rockin' Robin." Thirty years later, Claxton has performed all over the world with musicians he grew up listening to, most notably Monty Alexander and his Harlem Kingston Express. Claxton's joyful, kind, and humble spirit manifests itself into his musical approach, particularly as an accompanist. He is a master of groove and feeling, which was what he fell in love with thirty years ago.

Few albums turn the world on its head the way The Beatles White Album did in 1968.  Now, 50 years later, we can reflect on the impact that music had, even on the jazz world.

Doug Crane hosts the Wednesday “Night Beat – Jazz Without Category.”  Throughout November, Doug will be chronicling the jazz interpretations of that musical touchstone.  John, Paul, George and Ringo gave us plenty to work with.  The double-LP has 30 tracks on it.



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