Half a Lifetime

Half a lifetime all of the gratitude.

Scotty said “Give it a shot man, you can do it. Talk to Carlos”

It’s 1989 I’m married and living in a little house with our dog and my band in the basement.

Back then I’m driving auto parts and striving to be more.

I meet Carlos at the station over on Morrison Road.

Fanboy wasn’t a word then, but I was and no small amount of nervous, a smile and a handshake followed by

some training and shadowing and then Labor Day evening…I think I go on at midnight but it might have been 10 or 11. My First shift on KUVO

First Song….it’s LOUD…Into the Faddisphere by Jon Faddis and it’s a start.

Now it’s 33 years later. I’m the host of The Nightside with Andy O’

Some Radio Heaven…Poetry and Jazz, Surprise and adventure and I’m doing something that matters.

I am a radiophile. I grew up on radio, Talk shows, radio theater “Yours Truly Johnny Diamond”

Arthur Godfrey, Bill Barker on the Blowtorch, Pogo Pogue getting bitten by a Rattlesnake in a snake pit promotion. We eventually got a TV but I still listened to radio constantly. Especially when KHOW FM went to Jazz after Dark with an AM FM simulcast.

Jazz on my radio! Oh hell yeah!

It went away and KADX came along but it went away too

Then to the rescue KUVO.

Even though I am a poet and a musician I am mostly known as a Broadcaster.

I am grateful to bring you Music the Matters.

Jazz was born in the fires of catastrophe.

It is more than music it is the breath of life; it is the healing force of the universe.

Music that marched out of hell and straight into heaven. When the eyes close and the sound is a statement of pride and ferocity and love and compassion, and it makes the statement. A Love Supreme!

Yes, it’s fun! Being the only purveyor of Poetry and All THAT JAZZ in the country (I checked).

Rolling long here but half a lifetime takes up some more space.

I wanted to bring this mighty music to you with determination…I would get off the overnight shift and work in a wrecking yard afterward….I wanted it!

The Show is the Nightside from Louis Armstrong to John Zorn from Maya Angelou to Matthew Zapruder

It’s your Oasis in the Night

On the Oasis in the City.

I’m celebrating but it’s not about me….it’s about driving this mighty motor of music from the art of the improvisers to the ears of the faithful. It’s for you.

Pretty good way to spend a lifetime. Thanks!

A poem by Andy O’

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