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Antônio Carlos Jobim wrote the music and lyrics for “Wave” in 1967. The tune was also known as “Vou Te Contar” in Portuguese which translates to “I am going to tell you” In English.

As a young Brazilian songwriter Antônio Carlos Jobim, a master of Bossa Nova music and known for his smooth melodies and lyrics captured the essence of Brazil’s natural beauty.

“Wave,” was inspired by a simple yet captivating melody that he hummed while sitting on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, and it would eventually become one of his most famous compositions.

Jobim began to hum a melody that perfectly captured the ebb and flow of the ocean. As he continued to work on the song, he began to think about the lyrics that would accompany the melody. Jobim wanted to capture the feeling of the ocean and its constant movement, but he also wanted to convey a sense of longing and loss.

Released in 1967, “Wave” quickly became a hit in Brazil and around the world. The smooth, soothing melody and melancholy lyrics struck a chord with listeners, and it became a favorite of jazz musicians and singers alike. Over the years, the song has been covered by countless artists, including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Diana Krall.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – March 6, 2016: Statue of Antonio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim, also known as Tom Jobim was a Brazilian songwriter, composer, singer in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. Brazil

The enduring popularity of “Wave” is a testament to Jobim’s skill as a songwriter and his ability to capture the beauty and complexity of the natural world in his music. The song’s enduring appeal has made it a beloved classic that continues to remind us of the power of music to capture the beauty and emotion of the world around us.

According to Tom Lord’s book The Jazz Discography, the song has been recorded nearly 500 times by jazz artists, including notable recordings by Elis Regina, Oscar Peterson, Ahmad Jamal, Paul Desmond, and Fred Hersch & Bill Frisell.

And so, the song “Wave” continues to be a beloved classic, reminding us of the power of music to capture the beauty and emotion of the world around us.




Homepage Image Credit: Otto Stupakoff, Galeria Mario Cohen Collection

More info: Tom Jobim, Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro, 1957.


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