Join us for the next in our series of live DJ sets from our KUVO Jazz Odyssey hosts and friends on Tuesday, March 26 from 8 to 10 p.m. at Spangalang Brewery.

alldaywes focuses on music that combines funk, disco, and jazz sounds with modern electronic production elements containing dreamy synth soundscapes. Finding grooves that bring people together and call them to the dance floor. From super-producers like The Kount; to dance hit masterminds like Kaytranada; alldaywes will take you on a journey of musical exploration across the globe. Join us and be sure to bring your dancing shoes!

Who are you, what do you do?
My name is Weston Wilkins (aka alldaywes), and I have always been inspired by music’s ability to connect people and push boundaries, which is what I aim to do with my DJ side project, alldaywes. In the past, I have been a part of electronic DJ/Producer duo, SVCIO, which was founded in experimental bass music but evolved over time to include a variety of genres from lo-fi beats to disco-house and more. I am always on the search for new (or new to me) music that is pushing the envelope across genres in the underground scenes around the world, and finding new sounds and expressions fascinates me. Being able to curate these sounds into a DJ set allows me to share these artists and songs with the world, and hopefully allow listeners to join in on the celebration of discovering new, exciting music. I first discovered KUVO and Jazz Odyssey over 10 years ago, growing up in Denver with a 1996 Nissan Pathfinder that only had an AM/FM radio dial. I always would tune in late at night for the amazing music the DJs were playing and loved the work that public radio did for the community. Immediately after graduating from CU Denver with a degree in Music Business, I began interning at RMPM and currently, I am working full-time as the Radio Coordinator and Production team member at Rocky Mountain Public Media for KUVO Jazz 89.3 and THE DROP 104.7 – it’s a cool full circle moment for me to be here now DJing for a Jazz Odyssey event.

How do you navigate the challenge of introducing lesser-known artists to your audience while still satisfying their expectations?
I judge what records I want to play on how they move me and make me feel, if I am connecting with a song in a way that just provokes me to bob my head or move my body, I know other people will feel that too. A common theme in my music is upbeat rhythms with a heavy focus on the percussion and drums. If there are lesser-known artists making heaters at high production quality, then I will absolutely rinse those records out in my sets. I love looking for unexpected collaborations between artists that audiences might already be familiar with and ones that they could be discovering for the first time, showcasing a new side or style of their talent.

How do you stay informed about current music trends and genres to keep your playlists relevant?
I look to artists, labels, and collectives who are paving the way toward innovation within the scene and focus on a genre-less approach to music discovery. I love how social media platforms have empowered artists to curate their playlists with their current tastes and songs that they have in rotation. This gives you a glimpse into what is inspiring the music you are hearing from your favorite artists. I also spend a lot of time listening to DJ sets from a handful of performers from Boiler Room, DEF, The Lot Radio, DJ Mag, Soulection, Mixmag, and many more independent uploads across YouTube and Soundcloud.

How do you balance maintaining a cohesive theme within a playlist while still introducing diversity and variety?
When playing music, I like to jump and explore between themes and genres to give a real variety throughout my set. One of my favorite aspects of seeing a DJ perform live is getting hit with the unexpected. Keeping the audience on their toes allows me to keep them interested in what they are hearing and what is going to come next in the mix, while thoughtfully blending this collection of songs to create a cohesive sound.

How do you handle unexpected situations, such as technical difficulties or last-minute changes to your playlist?
That’s always the most fun part of every gig! Just kidding, it’s easily the most stressful when situations like this come up. For me, I try to keep a level head and take deep breaths to refocus on the task at hand. Usually, a simple restart of the controller/mixer and computer will solve the most complex issues, but for when I need to troubleshoot other problems, Google is your best friend in getting you out of a pinch sometimes. I usually take a good amount of time to curate my playlists and create cue points for me to be able to navigate the sections of the songs I want to highlight, there may not be a set order for the songs because sometimes I just like to freestyle mixing the playlist to see how things blend in different ways. It always helps me discover new routines or blends that could be brought back or improved upon later.

Can you share some memorable moments or experiences you’ve had while on air or during live shows?
I have been lucky enough to DJ in some cool places and for some really cool events. I remember getting to do my first silent disco gig in the back patio of Cervantes and loved that experience getting to see how people get immersed in the music. I also have been able to DJ for local events like First Fridays at TH!S Screen Printing Shop located in Colfax’s Art District, for the local meetup of the Colorado finger-boarding community, which is surprisingly a huge scene!

How do you stay updated on new music releases and trends to keep your playlists fresh and engaging?
I try to use my social platforms to stay connected to artists, labels, collectives, and curators I listen to, so I can stay on top of the newest releases and trends. Artists are using these platforms as their marketing outlets, and I think it’s the best way to stay updated on what’s going on in the music community. I also think it is important to keep a wide lens when looking at music trends. I like to look at what is happening in genres across the globe, not just in my immediate bubble.

 What can we expect to hear from you at your set on the 26th?
I expect to jump around many formats and play a handful of different vibes at Spangalang. I love that the Jazz Odyssey format allows you as a DJ to play records that you might not be able to play in a typical club setting, getting to explore the fringes of jazz-inspired tunes, upbeat dance records, and a variety of beats and grooves. In many songs I play you can hear flips or interpolations of samples which I love because I am a huge fan of creative production and taking gems from the past and incorporating them into modern tunes. Expect to hear music from artists like Veggi, The Kount, Disclosure, Kaelin Ellis, Moods, Kaytranada, Exmag, and much more!

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