Since Jesse Estrada-Segura was a kid growing up in Denver, he has always had an appreciation for New Mexico and Tejano’s old-school music.

A graduate of Arrupe Jesuit High School in Denver, Estrada-Segura started DJing when he was only 12. He would perform at school dances, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and other events in Colorado. After high school, Estrada-Segura started working in online radio where he had an old-school R&B show three times a week and then a Tejano/New Mexico show on Sundays. It was at that time that he was introduced to New Mexican artists and Tejano artists.

His family also played a very important role in his appreciation for music. “Being the youngest of a lot of kids, six boys, my brothers taught me a lot about music as well. I never listened to rap or hip hop, it was mostly New Mexican, Tejano, old school music,” said Estrada-Segura.

After taking a break from radio and working at weddings and corporate events, Estrada-Segura earned an opportunity to send a demo to KUVO Jazz. And as he says, one thing led to another before he eventually earned a role to host Canción Mexicana, a show on KUVO that celebrates music from, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Mexico.

Estrada-Segura said he grew up listening to the show and has fond memories of working the phone banks for the radio station asking for donations. “It’s a very full circle moment for me to be on the air and be part of the KUVO family. I really got welcomed with open arms,” said Estrada-Segura.

“They took a big chance on me, and it’s turned out great for everyone involved. I’m so appreciative for the opportunity, and it’s just the beginning,” he later added. “I’m looking forward to what will happen in the future, and being part of the KUVO family means a lot to me.

Part of Canción Mexicana includes Época Dorada, a segment that specifically showcases classic Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado music. Other co-host talent includes Yolanda Ortega, Larry Lobato, Jr., and Mona Lisa who all bring both creativity and charm to the program. Estrada-Segura started training for his role at the end of January and did his first solo show on the station earlier this month. “A lot of these songs I’m playing remind me of my grandma and mom. We just hope the music brings back great memories of friends and family,” Estrada-Segura said. “Whether they are drinking coffee or having breakfast, we want them to dance in their living rooms. We are doing our best to keep this music alive.”

Estrada-Segura is only 28 years old and said he’s been very appreciative of everyone who has had an impact on his life, including radio legends that he has worked with. The ever-present talented Debra Gallegos left this post she hosted at KUVO for many years a few weeks ago. Her career over the years drew thousands of listeners to the heartwarming music called Canción Mexicana. We wish her well in her new adventures. LaVoz Colorado Publisher, Pauline Rivera adds, “If you want to keep your culture and your family at the forefront, listen to KUVO’s Canción Mexicana on Sundays.”

Canción Mexicana airs every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on KUVO on 89.3 FM. For more information or to listen to past shows, visit Canción Mexicana.

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