Lakewood Cultural Center presents “Blind Visionaries” featuring original jazz music by the Daniel Kelly Trio inspired by the “Light Paintings” works of visually impaired photographers.

Learn more about what it means to truly “see” when the Lakewood Cultural Center presents “Blind Visionaries,” a captivating musical performance inspired by the works of visually impaired photographers.

Slated for 7:30 pm on Friday, April 21 at the Lakewood Cultural Center, “Blind Visionaries” features original jazz music by the Daniel Kelly Trio and showcases the talents of New York City’s Seeing With Photography Collective, a group of visually impaired and sighted photographers who create colorful, thought-provoking visual art. It also gives featured artists a chance to share their experiences with blindness, both through storytelling and by displaying the works they created through an innovative process known as “Light Painting.”

“This is an event that will make you question everything you think you know about creative endeavors and what it means to have an artistic ‘eye,’” said Lakewood Cultural Center Administrator Rita Sommers. “While you’ll hear some great music and see some spectacular art, you’ll also learn a lot about how vision – or a lack of it – impacts imagination, perception and an artist’s overall sense of creative expression, and ultimately how the creative process is transformative for both the maker and the audience.”

A selection of “Light Paintings” from the Seeing with Photography Collective will be on display in the Lakewood Cultural Center lobby starting Friday, April 7.

Ahead of the Blind Visionaries concert, check out a supplementary exhibition, “Seeing Requires Not Sight,” a sensory and touch-friendly experience featuring the creative contributions of visually impaired and sighted artisans. The exhibit has American Disabilities Act digitally accessible elements and runs from Friday, Feb. 10 through Monday, April 3 at the Cultural Center, with no tickets or reservations necessary.

“’Blind Visionaries,’ ‘Seeing Requires Not Sight’ and the ‘Light Paintings’ display coalesce as an ongoing effort by the Lakewood Cultural Center to increase engagement within the arts among individuals of all abilities,” said Laine Godsey, arts programming curator. “These are some of LCC’s latest efforts to feature exhibitions and events intentionally highlighting accessibility within the arts, aiming to make programs for our community that are inclusive of everyone.”

For more about the “Blind Visionaries” performance and the “Seeing Requires Not Sight” exhibition at the Lakewood Cultural Center, check out

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