Where is my station thank you gift and membership card?
We do our best to process all pledges in a timely fashion. If you have not received your thank you gift or membership card a week after you made your pledge, please contact Member Services at 303-620-5794 or member@kuvo.org.

How can I get a receipt?
We send a letter of acknowledgement for each pledge we receive that includes the total amount of the pledge that is tax-deductible. Per IRS guidelines, we send a tax receipt for all $250+ pledges each January. If you pledged less than $250 and would like to receive a receipt contact Member Services at 303-620-5794 or member@kuvo.org.

I may have been charged twice or my contribution wasn’t processed.
We do our best to ensure all pledges are processed and handled accurately and efficiently. If you find that your pledge has been processed twice or has not been processed, please contact Member Services at 303-620-5794 or member@kuvo.org.

I’m in the Studio Club. How will I find out about the next in-studio performance and RSVP?
Due to the fact that our live studio performances tend to come together quickly, we notify our Studio Club members about upcoming performances via e-mail as well as our website. If you are not receiving notifications or would like to be notified by phone, contact Arvida at 303-446-7631 or Arvida@KUVO.org. To make reservations for you and a guest. Arvida is also the contact for RSVPs.

I’m in the CD of the Month Club. When can I expect my first CD?
CD of the Month Club members should expect to receive their first CD the following month of when they pledged.

I made a gift during a pledge drive and was promised tickets, how does this work?
Many of our ticketed events are “name at the door,” which means you can check-in at the venue’s will call area by telling them your name and that you are on the KUVO guest list.

If you need to receive physical tickets, they will be mailed to you within 48 hours of the event. If you have questions or have not received your tickets, contact Arvida at 303-446-7631 or Arvida@KUVO.org to learn the status of your tickets.

Contact Member Services at 303-620-5794 or member@kuvo.org.

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