Wine and Food Pairing: Mr. Tuna meets Joy Wine and Spirits

Mar 21, 2018

For this month’s Joy Wine and Food Pairing the Executive Chef of Mister Tuna, Tristen Epps, brought his  Confit Duck Taco to complement the Vinha da Malhada Portuguese Red Wine paired by Carolyn Joy of Joy Wine and Spirits. Chef Tristen is a previous winner of the Food Network’s Chopped. He and Carolyn discussed his time residing in Portugal, his experience on Chopped and why her Vegan Red Wine selection went perfectly with his Confit Duck Taco. Chef Tristen starts  the conversation by describing what his dish is. 

Mr. Tuna's Roti Duck Taco
Credit photo courtesy of Mindi McNeil

CONFIT TACO / duck / raita / tabbouleh salad

Please see below for the full recipe for the dish. 

Carolyn's Pick of a Portuguese Red
Credit photo courtesy of Carolyn Joy

Serves 4

4cups flour
4tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 cup water
1 1/2 oz ghee
1/4 cup oil

Stir flour, add baking powder and salt.
Add water to make smooth dough, may need more if to dry. 
Let dough relax covered for 30 min. 
Form dough into 4 oz balls and roll out into a circle, spread butter (ghee) on to surface and roll the dough up into a cone. Smack the cone back down and form a ball and rest again. Roll out into a circle nice and thin. On a hot flat surface, cook the roti 1 minute on each side.

Coriander yogurt

1 cup full fat yogurt (plain)
2T chopped cilantro
1 Juice of lemon
TT salt

Mix all together 

To assemble
4ea Roti cooked
4oz yogurt
2 cups greens( water cress, mizuna, arugula)
1 cup cherry tomatoes cut in 1/4s
2 oz sliced cucumber 

8oz shredded lamb, beef, duck, or chicken 
1 oz harissa paste

On the roti, spread the yogurt evenly on each roti. Then sliced cucumbers and season with salt and pepper. After, spread with meat mixture. Then top with greens and tomatoes.

Carolyn Joy and Chef Tristen
Credit photo courtesy of Mindi McNeil