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Shamie Royston

Shamie Royston featured on KUVO's Women in Jazz

3 hours ago
Shamie Royston

Today’s featured Woman in Jazz is Shamie Royston.

This lady has quite the resume, she is a composer, a professional Master educator (she has conducted clinics for top ensembles throughout the U.S., adjudicated bands from high school to college levels) and pianist. She was born in Denver, into a musical family (her parents are jazz musicians Fred and Elthopia Fuller and her sister is Tia Fuller).

The basic story behind drummer Rudy Royston's first album sounds like that of many sidemen in jazz. He moved to the New York area. His talent got him into bands led by higher-profile artists like Bill Frisell, JD Allen, Ben Allison and Dave Douglas. And when it came time to document his own composing and arranging, he could rely on the network he had tapped into.