Most music lovers are well acquainted with the term Gypsy Jazz but few know the origins of that music. Gypsies are actually descendants of the Romani (or Roma) people from Northern India who existed as far back at 300 BC. Conscripted into war, persecuted, and forced into exile, they made their way from India Egypt, and Turkey, and by the 13th century to the Balkans in Eastern Europe and eventually Western Europe and the whole world. Linguistically they go by many names, Sinto or Manouche in France, Nawar in Egypt, and Israel but wherever they are in the world, they share the same DNA and their ancestors from Rajasthan India.

The music gradually shifted and changed, incorporating the instruments and influences of each new locale until it arrived at this place we call Gypsy Jazz. It has enjoyed a continuing series of revivals as each new generation discovers the simple beauty and artistry in its practitioners.

In Autumn of 2019, The Jazz River first presented this show and there were many who requested an encore.

Tune in with your host Matthew Goldwasser on Sunday, October 10, at 5 pm, when The Jazz River once again presents the musical journey of “Gypsy Wanderers.” Only on KUVO Jazz.

Art by Robert Phelps

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