Wulfie's Wax Museum: Howard Roberts, "Mr. Roberts Plays Guitar" | Oct 2

Sep 30, 2017

Join me this Monday, for an extended “Wulfie’s Wax Museum” on The Night Beat, as we celebrate the birth and life of a phenomenal, but lesser known, guitarist, Howard Roberts.  He’s that guy who played the themes from the TV shows, “The Munsters,” “Beverly Hillbillies”, “Batman,” “Twilight Zone.”  Yeah, that guy!  We’ll take a listen to his 1957 debut release as a leader, “Mr. Roberts Plays Guitar,” on the Verve label.  All 10 tracks on this album are superb, with artistic, spontaneous, high-energy musicianship in a studio setting, and some spice, with a bit of string quartet, and woodwind quintet.  This is one to have with you on a desert island, along with your “Love Supreme” and “Sketches of Spain.”  It’s going to be a swingin’ good time!

So tune-in Monday night, October 2 at 8pm, on KUVO Jazz!