In celebration of Women’s History Month…get to know Diana Azab!

Music runs through Diana’s veins. For 13 years she has been the Marketing Director at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver where she is now a partner and in 2021 became the Marketing Director for Positive Legacy. She offers pro-bono marketing help to local musicians and is a Jam Cruise Lifer… clearly she drinks the kool-aid! Diana’s love of events, music, and marketing brings her full circle to her position with Positive Legacy.

Q: When did you start Cervantes?
A: 2008

Q: Are you from Denver/Colorado?
A: I’m from Brookfield WI. I moved to Colorado in 2000 when I graduated college.

Q: How did you survive the pandemic?
A: Personally, I took on contract work in other industries for the months that Cervantes’ was either slow or closed. Cervantes’ survived because we had a decent size reserve that allowed us to survive the first few months. We received stimulus from the government also. If we hadn’t received that stimulus, we probably wouldn’t have made it. In regards to live music Cervantes’ wanted to make music accessible during a time when people needed it the most. We created the model and standard for hosting Covid live events.

Q: What was your journey…how did you end up in this position?
A: As a live music lover I simply started on the street team and worked my way up! I’ve worn all of the hats and still do. We all do. Now I am a partner. With my best of friends! I am very lucky to be a part of Cervantes’. We’ve put blood sweat and tears into this place!

Q: What was your best show ever? Your favorite?
A: There’s too many! My favorite part of being at a show is seeing people get lost in the music. Even if it’s not my favorite genre. The camaraderie of sharing that joy gives me goosebumps!

Q: What’s in the future for Cervantes?
A: My hope for the remainder of 2022 is that we’re able to reestablish that feeling of “normal.” Otherwise, keep bringing good live music to Denver and make it accessible to everyone.

Q: You have a diversity of talents – what genres do you present?
A: Primarily Hip hop, rap, funk, jam, EDM, Bluegrass, Reggae. But we aren’t opposed to other genres 🙂

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