Voting in Colorado is easy and convenient, so let’s get out there and vote – and make sure your friends, family, and community get out there with you.

Colorado is one of 21 states that allow Election Day voter registration. So if you haven’t already registered, you may do so at any of the 340-plus voting centers in the state through 7 p.m. Tuesday. From same-day registration to statewide and provisional ballots – here’s your guide to last-minute voting in Colorado.

Make a plan to get your vote in today. Pick a time, Pick a way. You can vote from 7am to 7pm.

Here’s a quick checklist to see if you qualify to vote:

  • Voter has resided in the state of Colorado for a minimum of 22 days
  • Voter can provide at least one of the 16 accepted types of identification
  • Voter is a U.S. citizen
  • Voter is not serving a sentence for a felony conviction

I lost/misplaced my ballot. Can I still vote?
Yes, if you lost or misplaced your ballot you may request a new one in person at any polling location in the state.
For those who never received a ballot in the first place, the same applies to you. Visit any in person polling place near you to cast your ballot.

What should I bring with me to the polling center?
The most important item to bring with you to a polling center is a form of ID such as a driver’s license or a U.S. passport. Anyone voting in person, registered or not, will need an ID. Here is alist of state-accepted forms of identification. Due to COVID-19, don’t forget to wear a mask to the poll and make sure to stand six feet away from other voters.

I have been displaced by a fire. Can I still vote?
Yes, you may still vote even if you have been displaced due to a fire or other emergency. If you managed to bring your ballot with you, drop it off at any ballot drop box. Don’t forget to sign your ballot envelope before submitting it.

If you did not bring your ballot with you, no worries. You can visit any polling place in the state and cast your ballot there. If you do not vote in the county where you live, you will get a statewide ballot. The statewide ballot will still allow you to vote in the presidential and U.S. Senate election as well as 11 statewide ballot measures.

I don’t have an ID. Can I still vote?
Yes. In the state of Colorado, if you cannot provide any of the 16 accepted forms of identification, you will be issued a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots are rare in Colorado because of the state’s same-day registration law.

Provisional ballots are not counted with traditional ballots. According to state officials, it can take up to – but no later than –nine days after an election. To find out if your provisional ballot was counted, refer to the receipt provided by an election judge and call your county clerk to ask.

For more information on provisional ballots visit this useful Provisional Ballot FAQ from the Secretary of State’s office.

Other last minute voting questions? Contact your county elections office using this list.

This story is brought to you by COLab, the Colorado News Collaborative, and Election SOS, a national program supporting journalists during the 2020 election. COLab is a nonprofit coalition of more than 90 newsrooms across Colorado working together to better serve the public. Learn more at

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