Geoff Anderson

Many musicians like to collect instruments. Certainly, guitarists collect guitars. Pat Metheny is a case in point. Over the years he has added a synth-guitar as well as the exotic 42 string Pikasso guitar to his recordings and live performances. Not satisfied with switching guitars for a different sound, Metheny even built a whole new instrument, the auto-mechanical Orchestrion. It’s an elaborate machine with drums, guitars, pianos, a bottle organ, and whatnot all controlled by Metheny as he plays his guitar. He still takes parts of the Orchestrion on the road to join his band on tour.

Popular music is all about what’s new. Quality is measured by age. The newest of the new is best and the quality decays quickly. It has a half-life shorter than a modern attention span. (Is there a relationship here?) It may be that music doesn’t go from good to bad as it ages, it just becomes irrelevant. No self-respecting, trendy cool kid would ever be caught listening to anything out of date. There are always exceptions, of course; the occasional iconoclast that makes an affectation out of listening to Billie Holliday or the Monkees or even REM.

Geoff Anderson

Angelique Kidjo
Femi Kuti
August 9, 2018
Botanic Gardens, Denver

Tomasz Stanko Quintet
Dazzle Nightclub, Denver
April 10, 2010, First Set

This week’s Vinyl Vault will feature Ramsey Lewis’ 1974 Columbia release, “Solar Wind.” It’s a jazz-funk recording featuring guitar work and production on some tracks by Steve Cropper of Stax Records and Booker T and the MGs fame. The album was released just before his big hit “Sungoddess” and has some of that same vibe, but with a more stripped-down production. Check out the Vinyl Vault with Geoff Anderson on Tuesday, February 27 at 8:30pm on http://kuvo.orgKUVO JAZZ.