Long-time hosts Easy Bill, Ricky Moseley, and The R&B Jukebox originator Rolando Garcia will be live in the studio on Saturday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the R&B Jukebox on KUVO.

They’ll be sharing stories of their time on the Jukebox, what the music means to them, why they are so passionate about this genre, and of course, spinning great R&B. Each host will bring their favorite tunes and not only play them but give some perspective as to why that tune is on their list.

We’ll have testimonials from local R&B/Blues musicians and local Denver blues DJs sharing their love of the music. And, since they’re long-time Jukebox listeners, they’ll share what they enjoy most about the program.

Join us for two hours of R&B music and stories on the 25th Anniversary Show of The R&B Jukebox on Saturday, January 21, from 6 to 8 pm on KUVO JAZZ, the Oasis in the City.

R&B Jukebox Trivia

  • The Jukebox took over the 2-hour slot left by Mama Kat and her blues-based late Saturday night program.
  • The Jukebox was born in January 1998.
  • It was Carlos Lando’s idea to create a classic R&B show
  • Rolando Garcia created, produced, and hosted the show
  • After brainstorming ideas for the shows name, we landed on “The R&B Jukebox” because the jukebox represented how people primarily listened to R&B in the time period
  • The opening theme is “The Slop” by Louis Jordan and it was suggested by Carlos Lando
  • The closing theme is “Night Train” by Jimmy Forrest
  • The show is based on the book “Honkers and Shouters” written by Arnold Shaw
  • The Golden Age of R&B is from 1945 to early 1960s (1960-1962). Beyond 1962, the music leans toward soul music. The Jukebox occasionally leans into the mid-to-late ’60s.
  • The Jukebox went from 2 hours (1998-2005), down to 1 hour (2005-2006), and remained at 1 hour until it went back to 2 hours (2008) due to listener demand! It’s been 2 hours ever since.
  • There have been two steady hosts; Easy Bill and Rolando Garcia
  • The Jukebox has had quite a few DJs substitute in its 25 years:
    • Steve Stalzle
    • Pete Simon
    • David Booker
    • George Peck
    • Janine Santana
    • Arturo Gomez
    • Carlos Lando
  • All host DJs do quite a bit of research as they program each show
  • The music sets have a theme, a sound, or some significant connection between the artists
  • The songs from the Golden Age of R&B were a success formula of being 2:30 minutes long
  • In the 2-hour slot, the Jukebox goes through about 36 songs! That requires quite a bit of planning, foresight, and design time.
  • There are “special” shows throughout the year

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