Discover: The Jazz River

The Jazz River: Hornucopia

Matthew Goldwasser

Autumn is the harvest season and we give thanks for the abundances in our lives. Tune into The Jazz River Sunday November 10th from 5-6pm (rmt)  for Hornucopia. Listen to…

The Jazz River: When Fusion was Young

Matthew Goldwasser

The Jazz River takes a pause from its globetrotting and presents a different tributary all together. We look at when Jazz Fusion was young. Early examples of the melding of…

The Jazz River: Gypsy Wanderers

Matthew Goldwasser

The spirit of Django Reinhardt conjures caravans and campfires, rhythm guitars, accordions and violins filling the air with memories of long ago. Gypsy music began its wandering in India centuries…

The Jazz River: South African Jazz Offerings

Matthew Goldwasser

The musical history of South Africa is incredibly rich and intricate drawing from indigenous tribes’ rhythms and melodies, choirs—gospel and otherwise—, dance and listening music, and since the 1930s jazz.…

The Jazz River - World Jazz Travelers

Matthew Goldwasser

Jazz is full of restless seekers; searching for new sounds, for new inspirations, and new challenges. As long as there’s been jazz there have been musicians who looked across the…

The Jazz River: Non-standard Standards

Matthew Goldwasser

Since the early days of jazz the 'standard' has been the go-to song musicians have learned and improvised around. Composers such as Ellington, Cole Porter, and the Gershwins gave us…

The Jazz River: World Dance Party

Matthew Goldwasser

The Jazz River is throwing an end of summer World Dance Party. Music from Jamaica, Nigeria, Israel, and Spain. It might be Zydeco, Flamenco, Argentinian Tango and Township Jive. Tune…

The Jazz River: Islands

Matthew Goldwasser

As summer inches away, The Jazz River explores music from Islands across the world. Big ones like Australia, sunny ones like Puerto Rico and Trinidad, as well as northern ones…

The Jazz River: My East is Your West

Matthew Goldwasser

From the Beatles and the Byrds in rock to Vijay Iyer and Rudresh Mahanthappa in jazz, Western musicians have used drones and the raga format to thoroughly explore how Indian…

The Jazz River | Women of the World

Matthew Goldwasser

Despite laboring under the assumption that their place was as the "Chick singer" in the band, women have long played significant roles as leaders, soloists, composers, and innovators. The Jazz…

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