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The Jazz River—Jazz Español-Duende

Spain has long inspired jazz musicians. From the Andalusias blending North Africa with Flamenco, to Galicia, the most Celtic part of the nation, jazz has gravitated towards España. It is…

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Since 1985 it’s been all about the music we love on KUVO. We hope that you and your family are healthy and safe. And, we hope the music you hear…

The Jazz River—Women of the World

Matthew Goldwasser

Despite laboring under the assumption that their place was as the "Chick singer" in the band, women have long played significant roles as leaders, soloists, composers, and innovators. The Jazz…

The Jazz River: My East is Your West

Matthew Goldwasser

From the Beatles and the Byrds in rock to Vijay Iyer and Rudresh Mahanthappa in jazz, Western musicians have used drones and the raga format to thoroughly explore how Indian…

The Jazz River Goes Classical

Matthew Goldwasser

Scores of jazz musicians have classical training and developed serious classical chops. Covers of classical compositions abound in the annals of recorded jazz. How about Gypsy jazz playing Mozart, Tom…

The Jazz River: Summer Abroad

Matthew Goldwasser

Like a well-used Eurail Pass, this week's Jazz River excursion travels to 11 countries in Europe including unlikely places for jazz like Hungary, Serbia and Azerbaijan. Tune in for some…

The Jazz River: Crossing Streams-Eastern and Central European Jazz

Matthew Goldwasser

Musicians from Eastern and Central Europe took to Jazz enthusiastically, so much so that many totalitarian governments banned it and especially the saxophone. Still they persisted, drawing on folk melodies…

The Jazz River: Jimi and Frank

Matthew Goldwasser

Since 1952, the jazz magazine DownBeat has elected musicians into its Hall of Fame. In all that time only two rock musicians were ever inducted, both posthumously. Jimi Hendrix in…

The Jazz River: Inside Flying Dutchman Records

Matthew Goldwasser

From 1969-1976 Flying Dutchman Records was among most diverse and the weirdest of labels during an era of diversity and weirdness. It gave starts to Gil Scott-Heron, Leon Thomas and…

The Jazz River: Jazz from the Rising Sun

Matthew Goldwasser

Why is Jazz so wildly popular in Japan, perhaps even more than in the U.S.? Why are there amazing recordings only available there? Why does a Japanese fan have a…

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