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Lauren Frihauf plays at Dazzle!

CO-born singer-songwriter Lauren Frihauf has been making waves both locally and nationally with her music – including an appearance on The Voice in 2020 and more recently, featured on NPR…

Local Musician Spotlight: David Froman

Candace LeGault

I really wanted to meet David Froman because I not only enjoy his playing, but he seems to be everywhere there’s jazz in Denver. Despite the breadth of his background,…

Greeley Blues Jam — Ain't Nothing But A Party!

Downtown Greeley Friday Fest, June 2 - Music Schedule! The party gets started in Historic Downtown Greeley with live music on the 9th Street plaza featuring Hazel Miller and over…

Local Musician Spotlight: Brad Goode

Candace LeGault

If you’re reading this Spotlight, it’s likely you have seen and heard the trumpet performance of Brad Goode. If you have, you remember it, because he’s just amazing. But let…

Local Musician Spotlight: MaryLynn Gillaspie

Candace LeGault

Rare Silk! Most of our active jazz listeners know MaryLynn Gillaspie’s history with Rare Silk, the 1980s Grammy-nominated vocal group. What a story! I’ll try to share some of the…

Local Musician Spotlight: Vlad Girshevich

Candace LeGault

How do you spell Piano Brilliance in Russian? V-L-A-D! I met with Vlad Girshevich, where I learned about a guy who’s on a totally different plane from me and from…

Local Musician Spotlight: Pete Lewis

Candace LeGault

It’s hard to start writing about Pete Lewis because there are so many elements to his personality and experience: Sax player, composer and arranger, athlete, business owner, teacher. When he…

Local Musician Spotlight: Jill Fredericksen

Candace LeGault

A rare Denver native and product of our Denver and Colorado schools, Jill Fredericksen has her roots both firmly here and yet deeply embedded in Balinese Gamelan music. More on…

Local Musician Spotlight: Tenia Nelson

Candace LeGault

She’d never admit to this moniker, but Tenia Nelson is most certainly a wonder woman. She heads two different bands, teaches at her home studio and at two schools, composes…

Local Musician Spotlight: Victor Mestas Pérez

Candace LeGault

Every jazz musician I meet comes from a different background. One will have had music in his life from day one and musically gifted parents; another will have first thought…

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